Higher Consciousness Kit

This Kit is all about Higher Consciousness. It is designed to assist you in learning more about what is happening to you as the earth & reality around you ascends. It is the choice our Mother Earth has made & it is now end times we live in. The end of some very very long cycles & the reality we have been living out is changing. Learn more about why things feel the way they do & what you can do about it..
The Kit includes the Rainbow Activator Energizer disc. It radiates alchemical inducing energies; created by the layering of many key codes & pattern frequencies embedded in the disc. It highly charges, energizes & activates. Helps clear, clean, enhance, correct & enliven your products or environments. Enhances energies & raises vibration of any product, liquid or solid, making it more potent & full of vitality. Keeps the vibrations of a product constant, in a high peak vibrational state. Restructures water in a new way that brings it the opportunity to evolve itself & become a more conscious being. Offers many high vibrational patterns to support you to awaken more & more to a higher consciousness.

Options & Prices

Kit with eGuide$55.00
Kit with Printed Guide$62.00
See VK Prices & Formats for details on formats. An additional shipping surcharge may apply for international orders or mixed Giclée Print and Laminated Print orders.


Choosing to Ascend

There is a standing invitation right now to choose to ascend. That doesn’t mean leaving earth. It means raising your vibrations which raises your consciousness while you live in your physical body. It means transforming yourself & your experience of reality. This is an opportunity to raise your consciousness, awaken & remember the truth of who you are & what you are doing here. It means the veils thin & you begin to perceive a much greater existence with many higher dimensional beings living in it. Take a moment & look inside to see if this is a choice you want to make. If so tell yourself & the universe you are ready & you choose to ascend.

Entering the Higher Dimensions

“There is a Great Awakening happening. There is a new wave surging upon the horizons of our reality, and it is growing exponentially. The domain of Spirituality is awakening. The Earth is waking up, and crystals from all parts of the world are waking up. And humankind is waking up as never before… (during) this monumental time in our lives. We, among the larger sweep of humankind, are awake. It is now time for us to awaken at a deeper level: Now is the time for our Great Awakening.” Lazaris through Jach Purcel
It is happening now!

Earth’s Rising Vibrations

As our Earth’s vibration rises & she gains a higher consciousness, we must raise ours or be extremely uncomfortable. The way reality operates & responds to us changes & we can feel lost or left behind or learn the new ways.

Wonderful Support is Available

Our higher dimensional friends & family that are waiting for us to “awaken” enough to see & perceive & interact with them. All around us the earth is full of higher dimensional beings who can see us & desire to reunite with us & co-create a new realty together.

Fallen Dense 3D vs More Dimensions

We are the ones who forgot them. As we “fell” in vibration, we fell asleep to all that vibrates in the higher realms. Children are often born seeing, believing & interacting with the other realms until they realize they are different & become afraid of the consequences of being rejected. Often they are forced to think they are making them up, or imagining them. When we cannot see them or sense them, we have relegated them to our science fiction, fairytales & legends about magical animals, fairies, angels, aliens & even terrible spirits of the dead, mythical beasts & demons. Some of us act as if they don’t exist.

Thanking Those Who See & Interact

There are some & always have been, that do see & interact with them. Sometimes they are revered & given an honored role in a community. In societies where there is no tradition or understanding they are often feared & treated with great disrespect; suffering many challenges of being different or dangerous to the sleeping many. Our history is full of horrendous accounts of how they have been treated. In many ways They have held the space for us all to wake up & remember the truth about our existence & reality. To remember the rest of our families & friends who exist in the higher dimensions.

This Change is Inevitable

This is what we are now facing… the earth’s reality is shifting upwards in vibration & changing. We are invited to change & raise our frequencies, our vibrations, our consciousness, until we remember the truth about them & everything else we forgot when we plunged ourselves into these unique densities for such an amazing experience!

Many Leaving Earth

Some beings here on earth are still working out their experiences in the lower densities & they will split off into places where this is still possible. That will not be possible within the new earth as the frequencies will be higher than they can exist in. Many are already leaving.

Higher Dimensional Skills are Needed

As we enter into a higher frequency, or enter into the presence of a being with very high vibrations, sometimes we get very sleepy or feel physically very uncomfortable. All that which is of a denser nature within us begins to surface & needs to leave. Its construct lack support in the higher realms. It can feel like fears, old emotions, negativity. It can be very uncomfortable if we are not aware of what is happening.
It is important for us to help our bodies & minds gain abilities to stay conscious, awake & alert & remember what we experience in the higher dimensions. Like our night dreaming, we often awaken with a memory of what we experienced, then as we settle into the denser reality of the day, it becomes very dreamlike & sometimes we totally forget. That is the density we live in.

How the Rainbow Activator Works

This alchemical combination of colors, intentions, symbols, sacred geometry, vibrational elements & higher consciousness systems strengthens the life force of anything that sits in its field. The energy field radiates over 100 feet in every direction, measurable by dowsing. It will keep items activated & highly charged in the bottle or bag; for your health & well-being.

Support for Ascension

Use it as a very specific energetic & consciousness raising support system for you as you awaken & learn to live in the higher frequencies of an evolving multi-dimensional reality. The more vital life force something carries, the more your body is able to use this to replenish itself.

Clears & Enhances Environments

It also cleanses & clears the environment of a room, or area, in way similar to Feng Shui. It moves stagnant or stuck energy. It enhances electrical energy fields by correcting incorrect & harmful energy spirals. Remember the field reaches approximately 100 feet or more in every direction, including up & down. Think of it like an orb of energy. This is the same design we embed into the labels of all our Hi-Vibe Living Products to keep the vibrations of the product constant, in a high peak vibrational state.

Rainbow Gifts & Ushering in a Golden 5th Age:

On 09-09-2008 I met Lanny Sinkin, an lawyer and advocate for sustainable living and the environment. It was a joyful soulic connection & remembering. He told the story of his experience in November of 2003, during a Hawaiian ceremony on the Big Island of Hawai’i hosted by the re-emerging Temple of Lono, how he had dramatically traveled to the “other worlds” and witnessed the birth of a new Rainbow God who we all called forth and is destined to help release ourselves from the 4th Age densities and support us to usher in the 5th Age. A Crystalline Golden Age with easier access to higher dimensions & higher dimensional beings.
You can watch the fascinating story as told by Lanny Sinkin Part 1 and Part 2 and find more story from Lanny here and here.
You can learn to call rainbows into your self & all creation here: Calling Rainbows: Into the 5th Age. You will find a Rainbow Chant download to print out your own instructions to Call in the Rainbows.

Rainbow Adventures

This is what we did… chant the Rainbow Chant every night at sunset for months & this design came as a results of my meeting the Rainbow God & all the gifts that have come since then. There are many Vibrakeys that have been born of this higher Rainbow Light frequencies. You can see them here: Rainbows and explore more of this story here: Rainbow Adventures.

Design Elements

C-RA Rainbow Activator Disc: The Alchemy

Active Design Elements

I have always loved rainbows! I see on the internet many reports of rare and stunning sundog, moonbow and rainbow phenomenon. On “YouTube” people everywhere have photographed such unusual things as 2 suns and 2 moons, unusual rainbows that show up in various places around the sun at significant locations and moments. Seems it is time for the rainbow to restore its promise & magic to us on Earth; a way to awaken Humanity from its materialistic focus and remind us of the higher dimensions that are part of our world and accessible to us. A reminder that we are all inter-connected and part of creating this together and responsible for the creation of what has happened and where we will go from here. That we are sustained and loved from many realms beyond our current understanding. Many say that we are the Rainbow People, Rainbow Warriors or Rainbow Children that have been part of prophecies and creation stories from many cultures.

Half Light vs. Full Light

When I first saw The Vibrakeys in a vision, I saw colors I had never seen before. I wondered how I would get colors like that to create the Vibrakeys with. One day I was reading in a book about the Devas of Color. I decided to ask them to help imbue my colors with these higher frequencies I had seen. I am sure this has happened as many comment on how brilliant these designs seem to them. When I talk about a full light frequency it is different than when I talk about full spectrum light. I believe that we have lived for a long time with only half light frequencies. Thoth calls it Oritronic Light. This causes us to only see and experience half of what is possible within creation. Sort of like being blind in one eye. It limits our consciousness. Today we are gradually receiving more and more of the full frequency light which he calls Metatronic Light. I believe the rainbow light we are calling in is helping us to evolve our reality into Metatronic Light. Here is a description I found: Akashic definition of: Metatronic and Oritronic:

“Metatronic or Metatronic spiral refers to the full-light presence spectrum of awareness, while Oritronic or Oritronic spiral is the half-light, incomplete light presence spectrum in which the earth for the most part, dwells within. One cannot simply switch from Oritronic to Metatronic in their awareness, but must unravel the Oritronic way of thinking before they can begin the Metatronic spiral of awakening. Certainly many individuals have bursts of Metatronic awareness at times, but this is not actually accepting the Metatronic spiral as your path. One must release the Oritronic modality completely before they can truly say "I exist in the Metatron." Source

Rainbow Activator Disc

The Rainbow Activator disc is made up of 2 Full Spectrum- Metatronic Full Light Frequency Rainbow Discs, activated by the new Rainbow God, Kahl, of the 5th Age, which encases a full array of potent codes, light language symbols, light, colors and energetic devices; many frequencies designed to assist us in raising our frequencies and thus our consciousness. These were merged, with help, to create a harmonious and powerful alchemy. Then placed together inside and sealed. Some of these elements come from other dimensional places and I can understand with my higher consciousness, then when I attempt to use our limited words to describe them, they fall short. Imagine attempting to name this? Here is my best description of the many design elements used to create this amazing Rainbow Activator Disc:

Other Design Elements

PowerUp! Vibrakey & Rainbow WaterAlive includes: Pyramid Power in frequencies of Gold, Copper, and Silver

Blue Pyramid, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Moon cycles

Sun, Cosmic Codes for Ascension, Magnetics

Tri-fold Flame from the Ascended Masters

Water Ball with Sacred Water frequencies from all over the planet

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins who help us wake up to Love & Omni-Dimensional Living.

Water Actions: snake-like meandering, tumbling, surging, left & right spins, pooling, resting, overflowing…

VK13 Universal Library includes Super Collider energies x13, Flame Letters, 7 Fold Geometries, spiral, gold.

Introduction Water Codes from the Ambassadors which began the process of offering our Earth’s water a chance to evolve; to accept a new level of intelligence and consciousness. See VK01 Creation Cosmology, VK27 Golden Pyramid, VK43 Primal Creation, VK44 BluWater Elixir, K-PW PowerWater & Energy Kit, for more information about these beings & their gifts to us.

New BluWater Crystal Codes set into a Crystal Matrix Lace pattern & accompanying Super Consciousness Activator Disc that come from VK44 BluWater Elixir & are a gift from the Ambassadors, Chulosians; our Mother Lemuria..

Immunity T-Cell Strengthener from VK17 Biological Strengthener & an Arcturian crop circle.

Itkza: with two parts; Silver; from the beginning & Gold; from where time ends, in a carrier of Blue Liquid Light; frequencies from sacred liquids from all over creation. A gift from TehNehMah, one of our ShipBuilder friends. Representing the Silver & Gold Triangles these elements activate in our bodies.

Masculine-Feminine Balancing Codes & Alchemical Union Codes; a Marriage of Heaven & Earth & Divine Union from VK19 Codons - DNA, VK47 Alchemical Marriage, VK48 Divine Alchemical Union.

Liquid Gold StarFire, a gift from Divine Goddess-Mother to help remember immortality from VK22 Unikey - Grail - Sphinx.

DNA Grail Codes as a gift from MaRi (Mary) Magdalene, Je-Su (Jesus or Yeshua) & the Sirian Ahkus, who remember & carry the fullness of Christ.

Magnetic Codes balancing from Isis & the Divine Feminine from VK31 PeaceMaker.

Violet Flame Crystal Ball hosted by St. Germaine.

Nature Spirals, Gold & Opalescent Butterfly Wings set into a matrix grid for their frequencies.

Blue Pearl Sending & Receiver Unit embedded & activated with Ohm, Monatomic Elements & Alchemically potent Ionic Minerals; these elements are from VK37 Sublime Health & the Arcturians and the minerals are a gift from White Wizard-David Tanner & the Divine Father. See RedRockNaturals.com to order his quality products.

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2010-06-22 Magic & Mystery of Water

Features of K-HC

Alchemy: the art of changing one thing into another, creating the new world now
Anti-Aging: process of turning off death code, turn on Youth & Vitality codes, Master Cell-Pineal Gland
Blueprint: new available, supporting us to reconfigure, and restructure
Energize: raise the energy level of body or objects
Energy: frees stuck, increases lifeforce
Opening: to more aliveness, each other, your heart
Past: antidote for living in, completing and freeing stuck energy
Water-Emotions: helps stuck emotions flow, helps with natural feelings being restored

Vibrakeys that work with K-HC

VK01 Creation Cosmology Assists you to access the truth of who you are. Opens chakras, and activates the DNA. A creation story.

VK02 Journey Ships Meditation tool, can be used to balance the brain and body magnetics. Alters consciousness and dreams. This was requested to induce an altered state of consciousness without using drugs.

VK05 Abundance Connects you to your true nature, calling forth more of your natural light essence, your divine GodSelf, which naturally attracts abundance and the perfect balance of caring for others and self. Helps to cut away all that is not useful anymore. Also assists in connecting with destined connections.

VK08 Multi-D Game Tool Learn to communicate through the Psychic Kids Network. Activate a new inner vision and how to see omni-dimensionally. Dissolve old operating systems easier and install new ones to help land a new civilization inside first. Encounter new ways to learn and perceive.

VK11 WaterAlive MasterKey Great for Moving & Directing Specific Energies for healing or for clearing stagnant energy in your environment. Easy to use for Feng Shui. Helps Focus desired energies from other objects. Creates a refreshingly sweet, full bodied, energized water.

VK11.5 RainbowWater Changes and energizes water, providing it with vibrational patterns to restore it to a vital, natural state; more alive & pure, sweeter tasting, with more energy for your body to use. Water molecule de-clumps, allowing it to be more easily accessible, more cleansing. Supports the DNA recoding process, activation of the crystalline LightBody. Restructured, energized water is one super way to support your body in this time of great transition.

S-LW Laser Wand Set 6 WaterAlive single point designs gather energies, draw them into the top of the structure known as the Tree of Life, which then takes on the energies of the WaterAlive patterns & codes as it flows through & shoots the energy out the bottom like a laser wand. You can direct & concentrate a flow of the energy in a certain direction.

K-TW Transform your Water Kit Create a refreshingly sweet, full bodied, energized water. This water is delicious; more full bodied & sweeter. Easy to taste with many other benefits. Restructure your water to help the earth clear its negative patterns.

K-PW PowerWater & Energy Kit This design energizes & increases the potency of anything it comes into contact with, without distorting the patterns that shape it. Restructure & Energizes Water to creates Power Water! Just place the card near anything you would like to charge, energize or clear.

S-WE Water - Energy Set Water Light and Energy Interplay: Water, Light, and Energy are all creational elements. They work together to create and make life manifest. The higher the vibration in these elements the more vital and flourishing life becomes. In this set we offer Vibrakeys that contain frequencies to support the process of raising these vibrations and our consciousness.

VK18 Kundalini Rising Balances and interfaces the four quadrants of the brain, releasing disease patterns (miasms) held in the body and balances or equalizes the Body-Mind-Emotions-Spirit connection. Carries the frequencies of balancing and belonging. Powerful trance inducer. Learn about using the sexual-kundalini energies to rejuvenate and heal the physical body. Hosted by the Divine Feminine: Divine Mother, Sisters of Isis and Mary Magdalene.

VK21 Flower of Eternal Life - Venus Supports the Ascension process & manifestation of 5th dimensional living and beyond. Through Grace, from the Divine Feminine, your body is formatted to more easily receive full light saturation & patterns of resurrection to assist your body, releasing it from the death hologram (3-Ds: Degeneration, Decay and Dying.) Butterfly Medicine attends.

VK27 Golden Pyramid Contains many evolutionary codes and energies. Much to discover. Learn to be in harmony with & thrive with the photon belt energies & the increasing plasma from the sun. Create a space of energetic resonance & harmony to live in.

VK28 Safe Haven Disharmonious energies can be cleared easily & quickly by placing this Vibrakey in your home, office or automobile. Immediately neutralizes unpleasant or harmful energies from electro-magnetic frequencies, radio waves, cell phones & other electrical equipment.

VK31 PeaceMaker Created on 9-11-2001: As we dismantle our War Patterns inside, Peace will blossom into our outer world. Supports Ascension: Distortion Clears, Magnetic Code Blessing brings balance to an over Electrified world, Strong new Codes from BENEVOLENT Source call the Masculine to cease war and come to a place of balance and harmony with the Feminine. Masculine-Feminine in cooperation are Power and Love side by side. Creative Action! They Build and Nurture life; bringing new patterns of Dynamic Harmony to co-create a Thriving Growing Sustainable Reality. PeaceMaker supports us to live in our own Truth and to learn to release Judgments that keep energy stuck and cause war amd contention. Design Updated 9-11-2011, on the 10 year Anniversary of the event that was used to launch more war. Newly embedded image of Ejahdama VK36 Chariot of the Gods, included in the design, moves us past the built in limitations that existed in our previous Adam-Kadmon Blueprint into bodies “fit for the Gods.” New Creation Codes called Trinity and Bright Ones Rise are added and shape the Crystalline energies flowing through to you. Design represents a shattering of the old patterns to make space for the New to Emerge.

VK35 Telos Generator A Gift from our inner Earth family. This design is an energetic generator that uses your existing heart field and expands it. It is a super skill, easy to learn, to activate an internal generator. It helps you customize a field of frequencies x13, to raise your energies immediately so healing, transformation and daily activities are more effective. It is an invitation to reach across the barriers of perception and connect with many other dimensional beings to share technology and skills. It is a focusing point, a Crossing in space/time where beings from a variety of Star Nations, and other sentient Tribes (Elementals to Angelics, beings from ALL our Relations) can share their technologies, techniques, and practice new techniques of co-operative living. It is a way to “land” new civilization and live in a new omni-dimensional way together.

VK46 Rainbow LightShip Still in the Birthing Chamber: Introduces a new level of LightBody full of the new Metatronic Full Spectrum Rainbow Light. Activated in the pineal gland.

VK60 Liquid Love Have you ever wondered what liquid love might taste like? Have you every thought of what it might feel like to saturate your cells & whole body with the truest kind of love? Now is your chance to find out. Treat your water with this powerful new design bridging the frequencies from a very special pool of alchemical liquid on Venus blessed by an ancient Council of Elders who know how to bring in a love frequency of the highest quality. You can also place it in a room where it will help set the energies of the space.

K-EP Energetic Pyramid Powerful Energetic Environment for any Practice: Meditation - Yoga - Healing - Transformation - Counseling - Intuitive Readings - Shamanic Journeying. Enhance your Health & Well-Being: Rejuvenate - Balance - Relieve Stress - Activate Youth & Vitality Chromosomes - Turn off Death Codes - Immortalize your Physical Body. Supportive Space for Creativity: Art - Music - Writing - Journaling – Crafting. Meeting Place for Communications & Contact: with Family, Friends & Higher Dimensional Beings.

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