Journey Ships

Meditation tool, can be used to balance the brain and body magnetics. Alters consciousness and dreams. This was requested to induce an altered state of consciousness without using drugs.

Design Evolution


Options & Prices

Laminated VK 10.75"x5.3"$33.00
Giclée Print 19"x9.5"$55.00
See VK Prices & Formats for details on formats. An additional shipping surcharge may apply for international orders or mixed Giclée Print and Laminated Print orders.

Design Elements

These can include Symbols, Codes, Light Language, Colors & Geometries. Sometimes I use a picture of something to link to, bridge or represent its energies. The symbols themselves radiate the frequencies that reshape from our physical to our mental. It’s all about frequency patterns. This is how we create. This is how we shape reality.

Alchemical Symbol: Ascending & Descending Light

This is an ancient alchemical symbol for the highest form of ascending light when it spins clockwise and for descending light when it spins counter-clockwise.
This image is a part of spiritual anatomy. It is the connection between the physical brain and the Higher Self. It is this connection that must heal and develop if we are to grow spiritually. The Antakarana symbol here depicted in a crop circle sent by ET energies may remind us that this special ancient symbol represents this connection and activates it whenever you are in its presence.

Energetic Research

Observations from Carol Michaels

Carol spent a lot of time with me checking out The Vibrakeys and sharing her observations. She claims that if you look at the space around them with softly defocused eyes, you will see them jump out, or telescope into their dimensional state. She also was working with CVK02A Journey Ships and CVK02B Journey Ships reversal. She placed four of them in a square and stood over them. She says that they began to create a sensation of dizziness for a while, then she felt her chakras begin to balance and open.

Research from Barry Martin

This key is like looking into a set of eyeglasses for me. It takes me into the depth of the brain function through each one.  It forces one to diffuse focus, which opens up the brain pattern for repatterning.  The spiraling energies in the mandala, spiraling back and forth, between the two and bringing the energies around through and reconnecting them. I also feel the spirals activating within me. Things unwinding, rewinding in certain ways that are balancing the physical energy. 

Awareness wants to focus in the middle, which is the male part of me that wants to focus in and get definite. When this happens, it goes to the middle then there is a movement that releases this and my gaze diffuses back out to take in the entire mandala, and every thing gets blurry.  I find myself going  back and forth in that process and soon the two begin to merge and I can hold the two simultaneously clearly. This is having a powerful effect on balancing my brain hemispheres. The spiraling energies are moving  back and forth between the brain hemispheres, balancing excess and deficiences. A receiving spiral and a sending spiral flowing in balanced interchange, knowing excactly how to balance both hemispheres.  

There is a spiral that is winding into a point and one unwinding outward. Light is winding in and dark is winding out causing my left and right brain hemisphers to respond to this centrifugal, centripetal motion in a balanced way, so that both hemispheres can wind back in and back out as necessary. Counterbalancing each other, so there is the unwinding feminine or the winding left brain masculine.  By forcing them to go both ways in an integrative way, they can find natural balance and go both ways.  It is the nature of physical energies to be spiral, while mental is vertical, emotional horizontal and spiritual omni-directional. 

Physical energies either spiral down into a finite point, or spiral out into infinity. This is the manifestastion, de-manifestation cycle.  The two brain hemispheres operate on the same two basic principles.  The left brings things into a finite (point-like) sense.  It sees the particle nature of reality, and what this mandala does is synchronize the hemispheres.

There is a split across the corpus callosum, in the center of the brain, and it is difficult for the energies to spiral in and out in each hemisphere, so we get caught in one or the other.  This causes splits in consciousness, which is the basis for all psycho-emotional pathology.  Passive-aggessive splits are a good example, also the intellectual (male) and feeling-intuitive (female). 

Every pattern of consciousness has a positively and negatively polarized aspect and based upon our polarity identification we tend to lock into one or the other.  Fear of abandonment (feminine) and fear of loss of self (masculine) are examples.  So when there is fragmentation in the brain hemispheres there is a corresponding skew in conscioiusness and the brow chakra and we have fragmented awareness and brain function.  

I reversed the mandalas and got another re-balancing that was intense. It seemed to force against something. I’m getting awareness of how my consciousness would compartmentalize on either my left or right brain hemisphere; I would flip flop back and forth depending on the situation.  I can see that was causing certain basic perceptual anomalies and emotional imbalance. I would go into my left brain hemisphere if I was threatened or felt like I needed to get something done.  At rest I would be more intutiive and right brained. But my left wasn’t picking up on it.  As I continued to work with the two Vibrakeys I could feel all this resolving and a sense of integrated flow…beingness, intuitive with active creating melting together. What  a good feeling.   Wiki (information per VK)

Features of VK02

Brain-Hypothalamus-Pineal: support, grow, activate, balance
Chakras: balancing, opening, clearing
Electro-Magnetic Balance: balancing electric (masculine) and magnetic (feminine)
Initiation: through your inner gates to new experience & knowledge
Memory: remembering, enhancing memory
Omni-all Dimensional: opening, operating in other dimensions
Peace of Mind: experiencing harmony in your body and mind
Relaxation-Calming: throughout the body

Vibrakeys that work with VK02

VK03 Feminine Power with its energy patterns & information, inspires you through the process of fully embodying your feminine power. Along with this comes your intuitive side activated for creativity.

VK04 Masculine Power with its energy patterns & information, leads you through the process of releasing the last old masculine warrior wounds, the deepest old pain, to activate a healthy powerful masculine power. Along with this comes your ability to move forward, take action, follow through and generate.

VK25 Retriever helps you claim back all soul parts, knowledge and trainings you have left behind, for one reason or another, becoming whole. This means you are able to access much more of yourself to create & act in your power in the now.

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