Creation Cosmology

Assists you to access the truth of who you are. Opens chakras, and activates the DNA. A creation story.

Design Evolution


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Laminated VK 10.75"x5.3"$33.00
Giclée Print 19"x9.5"$55.00
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Design Elements

Can include Symbols, Codes, Light Language, Colors & Geometries. Sometimes I use a picture of something to link to, bridge or represent its energies. The symbols themselves radiate the frequencies that reshape from our physical to our mental. It’s all about frequency patterns. This is how we create. This is how we shape reality.

Freedom of Flight

Includes a code-gift I received from these higher dimensional Butterfly Beings during a contact meditation at Joan Ocean’s. They call it “Freedom of Flight” & tell us, “There are no words to explain, you must experience it from the inside out.” See VK43 Primal Creation for their first Code-gift, a new kind of freedom from the inside out.

Activate & Upgrade DNA & Codons

Provides codes to activate & awaken new DNA functions, activate codons enabling you to access truth of who you are & how you express yourself in this creation process. As more codons activate, you become more multi-dimensionally perceptive. They also assist in the process of becoming immortalized.

Creation Story in Symbols

Countless elements dance together alchemically as consciousness focuses intent at every level of creation. This is a Creation Story holographically projected into reality in a symbolic way.
Including various cross-cultural representations, we show a few ways creation unfolds: Great Central Sun & its Stepping Sun System, Hyper-dimensional Water & Light, Primordial Wombs, Galactic Core, Space-Time, Spirals, Worm Holes, Light Language, Mono-Atomic Particles, Codes & Creativity Glyphs, Sacred Geometry formulas, plenty of Chemical reactions, & Parallel Universes & Dimensions divided by veils.
Using photos of space, geometric models, ancient symbols, natural elements & my own imagination, we begin with Creation Glyphs: see VK24 Creation Legends for more details of these. See back of VK01 for more detailed descriptions of each design element and how they all weave together in this creation.

Universal Law of Nature

This is a Star Knowledge Glyph representing TAHCA CIGALA - The Power to be, ITANCAN PEJUTA - Harmony in Light Relations & MELCHIZADEK - Invokes the Flame Imperishable.
I was brought into contact with these Star Knowledge glyphs and their energetic representations & information when I was introduced to them by David Lost Horse Singing Bear. I then met Standing Elk, who is now known as Golden Eagle. He requested I use these glyph-symbols freely to bring greater power into my newly forming Vibrakeys. He told me they were from our Star Families & would bring even greater blessings if they were used in the four directions.

Energetic Research

Work Area (information per VK)

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2010-08-16 Ho’oponopono & EFT

Features of VK01

Activation: of your Mer-Ka-Ba (Light Body) DNA, Codons
Be Yourself: remember who you are
Beauty: perceiving higher definition of it
Belonging: restore your interconnectedness
Blueprint: new available, supporting us to reconfigure, and restructure
Body-KHAT: physical body, ability to be fully connected, grounded
Chakras: balancing, opening, clearing
I AM Presence: embody your connection
Intimacy: starts within
Memory: remembering, enhancing memory
Opening: to more aliveness, each other, your heart
Peace of Mind: experiencing harmony in your body and mind
Power: personal
Truth: finding your own resonant inner truth
Will: recovering personal power, reenabled will, manifestation

Vibrakeys that work with VK01

VK03 Feminine Power assists you to return to the core level of existence; I AM THAT I AM. Leads you through a core level clearing. An amazing gift from the Divine Feminine.

VK14 Genetic Feast has a design & ceremony to clear genetic tampering & nourish RNA-DNA as you evolve.

VK19 Codons - DNA activates & turns on the multi-dimensional codon portals that reside along the DNA strands As an intuitive that can see inside, to me codons look like a string of tiny light. It was first discovered by observing the dna of some children who were born with aides & had overcome it, that they had more codons functioning than the general human adults up to that point. Later this was also observed in a group of super psychic children. Then they noticed the adults who lived around these children were having a similar effect, as if they activating those around them. Gradually as more & more codons are “turning on” we are all evolving.

VK36 Chariot of the Gods activates the next DNA ladder; offering your body a new blueprint to build from. This blueprint is the same as the higher dimensional beings, in the next realm higher than us, are using. They now offer it to us as an evolutionary choice.

VK43 Primal Creation contains the first code-gift from the Butterfly Beings that give a new kind of freedom from the inside out. Also helps you learn to create with the Creator Whales for a new bigger level of co-creation within a Universal level.

These Vibrakeys will support & augment the process VK01 Creation Cosmology, CVK01 I Am That I Am or CVK01R I Am That I Am reversal begins.

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