Laser Wand Set

6 WaterAlive single point designs gather energies, draw them into the top of the structure known as the Tree of Life, which then takes on the energies of the WaterAlive patterns & codes as it flows through & shoots the energy out the bottom like a laser wand. You can direct & concentrate a flow of the energy in a certain direction.

Options & Prices

S-LW - Laser Wand Set$44.00
See VK Prices & Formats for details on formats. An additional shipping surcharge may apply for international orders or mixed Giclée Print and Laminated Print orders.


Ways to use

Directing energy from another Vibrakey

Place the WaterAlive Cards on a Vibrakey, connecting one into a certain point somewhere on the design. Feel for the placement intuitively, then it will pick up the energy vibrations from that design, channel them through the Tree’s structure, adding the amplifying effects of the water codes & then direct this energy wherever you point it. Could be where you are cooking, sitting, sleeping, working, or mediating. You can use one or more.

Create a Grid

You can link up any of the other Vibrakeys designs in this same way, creating a grid of new synergistic energies to support your growth or healing. Use the 6 WaterAlive Cards to connect up the designs & to direct the energies throughout the grid.

Setting up an Altar

Using the 6 WaterAlive cards in a hexagonal shape is a most powerful geometric pattern to utilize in broadcasting the energies into a full circle in the room or area.

Gather Energies into a Crystal or Water

You may also gather energies into an object by placing it in the center of the altar mandala & point the 6 WaterAlive cards toward the center object.

For Healing Support

These little cards have the ability to direct energy through the body & to help with the emotional clearing of old stuck emotions. This can work while you are sleeping or during a session. The body is a large percent water so that water is restructured with a positive crystalline frequency.

For Restructuring Water

Use these cards anywhere there is a container holding water, hot water heater, catchment tank, drinking water bottles, & swimming pool. Do not place the card directly in the water, only close to the water as the field is very big.

Design Elements

Features of S-LW

Past: antidote for living in, completing and freeing stuck energy
Water-Emotions: helps stuck emotions flow, helps with natural feelings being restored

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