GardenSong Project

This project begins a conscious co-creation & co-operation with Nature. The GardenSong card acts as a receiver & transmitter through which the Overseeing Elementals can listen to the “Song of your Land” & surrounding area; including your home structure. It begins with a conscious request from you; asking for assistance from the Nature Realms & Kingdoms to establish a land-based Motherland, a Space of Love where you are optimally supported to live, learn, awaken & help to co-create a new reality of Heaven on Earth; Paradise. Kit includes Rainbow WaterAlive card to structure and enhance the water you use.

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Imagine yourself living in a Sustainable Paradise

Where you are in harmony with the land & all the natural beings who share this space of love with you. Your garden, your flowers, your trees, your yard, your farms, even your home is a harmonious place. It is flourishing & beautiful, alive with nature & color & wonderful feeling energies. Everyone co-operates creatively. There is respect & sharing of knowledge & information.

Space of Love

“Everybody can create their own Space of Love on the Earth, so that finally the whole planet will be covered with a large united Space of Love as it was a long time ago…” Space of Love

You have Many New Friends to Help

From overseeing elementals to tiny flower devas or fairies, you learn much about this beautiful natural world you never knew before. When challenges come up, you work together.

Angelic Elemental Overseer

Tiegrat, is the Angelic Elemental Overseer who helped me design this Vibrakey, I asked him, “Why do you help us?” Tiegrat said…

“We are all ONE. We know this & it is time you remember this.”

“We work with the laws of the Universe & we are doing all we can do to keep up our part & keep the earth from destructing. We are very relieved & delighted anytime one of you humans begins to see the value in co-operation with us. We, by our very nature, have many gifts for man & it delights us to fulfill our destinies.“
You will begin by working with this being. There is much to share & learn. There is more about this in the guide.

Custom Nourishment

Your flowers, plants, trees, fruits & vegetables are full of radiant custom energies perfect for you & you learn from the local plants & flowers that many are edible. They nourish your body-mind & soul at many levels & in amazing ways. This is a beginning of a new way of life in the new earth, the new reality.

Conscious Co-Creation & Co-operation with Nature

How it works

This project begins a conscious co-creation & co-operation with Nature. The GardenSong card acts as a receiver & transmitter through which the Overseeing Elementals can listen to the “Song of your Land” & surrounding area; including your home structure.

Your Request

This project starts with a conscious request from you; asking for assistance from the Nature Realms & Kingdoms to establish a land-based Motherland, a Space of Love where you are optimally supported to live, learn, awaken & help to co-create a new reality of Heaven on Earth; Paradise.
This is to encourage us to work together as ONE in harmony, co-operation & understanding once again. This is Heaven brought to Earth!

Healing, Balancing, Transforming your Local Area

You are invited to enter a co-operative co-creation in regards to the enhancement & healing of the land surrounding your home or community, gardens or farms, including your home, your business, your neighborhood, your schools, your city, etc. Anywhere you are gathering in community or living with an interest in interfacing with nature. It can be an area which includes your home & flower gardens, even if all your flowers are in pots. Or as vast as an agriculture project such as a farm or large community gardens.

Who Will Help?

First the Overseeing Elementals will listen to the “Song of your Land” & surrounding area; including your home structure.

What They Will Do

They will be listening for the rhythms; assessing how all the living elements & beings work together. How the natural earth energies of the surrounding land flow & feed your whole system; your land, garden, & home, then how your system feeds the whole.
They will listen for its wholistic health & check the vitality of it all.
They will assess what is needed to bring the land & area up in vitality.
Then they will begin to correct the imbalances.
They will invite all the nature beings, who live together & influence your area, to assist in bringing it into a vital, supportive space of love, respect, & harmony. Some actions they can take directly. For other actions they will need your assistance. Each location will have their own needs.

Why do they do this?

"Everything-but everything-on Earth, every blade of grass, every insect, has been created for Man" Anastasia
The door is now open to begin new relationships; a conscious co-operative co-creative kind. There is much to learn. They are learning once again to work with us after a long separation. This is a beginning… We both have much to learn from each other.
“We are ready to open to you. To forgive all that has been done to us & the earth, & thus to you. Are you?” Tiegrat, Elemental Angelic Overseer

Dancing with Pan

I have had many conversations with our local nature beings, from plant spirits to water undines, including meeting & dancing with Pan. Now that was an awesome experience! This power & love of this being is amazing!

Ask Questions

If I ask them questions, they always do their best to help. It is sometimes challenging to slow down enough to be respectful of those who live where you want to dig your next planting area. There is much to share & I will be designing a way; a blog or a Learning Adventure to share more of the wisdom they have shared. Watch for the GardenSong Project Adventures.

Learn to Communicate

Learn about how to begin communications with many beings you may only feel. They are not always easy to see when we are in the lower densities. The higher our vibrations rise, the easier it becomes to see or feel them.
Open your Heart & Mind, you will be glad you did!

Raise your Vibration- Balance your Brain

They are more difficult to see when we are in lower densities. The higher our vibrations rise, the easier it becomes to see or feel them. The more we are in the right brain or balanced brain the easier it is to see or hear them.
There are many Vibrakeys that offer help to raise our vibration or frequencies; open up our super senses, activate our biology in a way that opens us to the other dimensions, or help us practice multi-dimensional skills.

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Features of K-GS

Belonging: restore your interconnectedness
Nourishment-Assimilation: allowing yourself to take in and assimilate nourishment from Divine Mothers

Vibrakeys that work with K-GS

VK02 Journey Ships Learn more about Shamanic Journeying & journeying into the other dimensions. This is a practice that will open up the possibilities of talking to & learning from the plants & devas in you garden.

VK08 Multi-D Game Tool Helps you practice higher dimensional skills & has codes from the psychic children t help activate you own inner vision & other higher dimensional super senses.

VK18 Kundalini Rising Balance bodies-mind-spirit & brain. Use Kundalini to raise your vibration.

VK38 Sacred HeartGate Learn to go into the tiny little space of the heart where all languages are the same. This is a great space to communicate with all beings.

VK49 GardenSong Its design & ideas support you in beginning & deepening your new sustainable relationship with Nature & all Nature beings. The supportive design pattern helps you open yourself more to this multi-dimensional adventure with nature. It includes many more resources; ideas, suggestions, guidance & stories. This one is still in the Birthing Chamber. Check back to see if it is available yet. Sign up for SpinningStarS eNewZ to receive updates & much more.

VK19 Codons - DNA Activates a new system of omni-dimensional reception and triggers a new sequence of alchemical action to support your awakening and the restoration of your DNA Blueprint to perfection.
VK22 Unikey - Grail - Sphinx Penetrates barriers that hide you from yourself and each other. Unlocks dimensional doorways, stargates, files, seals, penetrates the deepest held illusions. Reveal any secrets you are still holding from yourself. Assists in activating DNA to the next levels of evolution. You must be ready for this one. It is a doorway into your center. This is a Power tool. Ready for a new experience of yourself and your world?
VK31 PeaceMaker Created on 9-11-2001: As we dismantle our War Patterns inside, Peace will blossom into our outer world. Supports Ascension: Distortion Clears, Magnetic Code Blessing brings balance to an over Electrified world, Strong new Codes from BENEVOLENT Source call the Masculine to cease war and come to a place of balance and harmony with the Feminine. Masculine-Feminine in cooperation are Power and Love side by side. Creative Action! They Build and Nurture life; bringing new patterns of Dynamic Harmony to co-create a Thriving Growing Sustainable Reality. PeaceMaker supports us to live in our own Truth and to learn to release Judgments that keep energy stuck and cause war amd contention. Design Updated 9-11-2011, on the 10 year Anniversary of the event that was used to launch more war. Newly embedded image of Ejahdama VK36 Chariot of the Gods, included in the design, moves us past the built in limitations that existed in our previous Adam-Kadmon Blueprint into bodies “fit for the Gods.” New Creation Codes called Trinity and Bright Ones Rise are added and shape the Crystalline energies flowing through to you. Design represents a shattering of the old patterns to make space for the New to Emerge.
VK32 Multi-D Reality Am I the Dreamer or am I the Dream? Activates the energy center that is a well of encoded information. As the linking, of this center to the 3rd Eye/ Pituitary to the Crown/Pineal with the Hypothalamus happens, you are then able to decode and use this information. Enter this portal for a new and expanded experience of aligned self in relation to All There Is. Opens your Dream-Gate for more conscious multi-dimensional lucidity. It is time to re-awaken your full glory. Ultimately this opens and activates you to telepathy, tele-transport, and instant manifestation. This key also works with moods, nervous system, regulating sleep, and motivating sexual behavior through the hypothalamus.
VK34 Living Alchemy - Whales It is designed to activate that part of each of us that is a Seer. It is also an alchemical womb for manifestation and co-creation. It draws in the electrical energy of creation to activate the womb where you place your project. This womb aligns with the universal structure of the Flower of Life. There are directions to assist you in becoming clear on the details of your project then calling forth creational support needed to bring your dream-project into manifest form. This is only one of the qualities contained in this design. Besides connecting us with the magnificent Humpback Whales to learn from their vast wisdom, it also connects us to the Ascended Master's Gold vibration to pave the way to manifest abundantly with the projects and creations of our choice.
VK35 Telos Generator A Gift from our inner Earth family. This design is an energetic generator that uses your existing heart field and expands it. It is a super skill, easy to learn, to activate an internal generator. It helps you customize a field of frequencies x13, to raise your energies immediately so healing, transformation and daily activities are more effective. It is an invitation to reach across the barriers of perception and connect with many other dimensional beings to share technology and skills. It is a focusing point, a Crossing in space/time where beings from a variety of Star Nations, and other sentient Tribes (Elementals to Angelics, beings from ALL our Relations) can share their technologies, techniques, and practice new techniques of co-operative living. It is a way to “land” new civilization and live in a new omni-dimensional way together.
VK42 Essence Imbuer Create your own Potent Custom Formulas. Energize your Food & Water. Restructures Water & Liquids to support your health & well-being & raise your consciousness. Move & Direct Energies wherever you want them.
VK44 BluWater Elixir New kind of intelligence offered to water of this planet. Exciting vibrational raising codes and designs from our friends, the Ambassadors. Includes Red Creation Codes and all the previous water designs to thoroughly restructure your water for the most wonderful taste!
VK45 Sol Dancing Sun Communications with our Sun lead to more awakening. Learn from our Sun Sol. Includes a detailed process for creating White Gold Alchemy in your pineal gland. Align yourself through the glyph given by the Ambassadors for a journey into the Sun's Living Library and discover what is there for you.
VK46 Rainbow LightShip Still in the Birthing Chamber: Introduces a new level of LightBody full of the new Metatronic Full Spectrum Rainbow Light. Activated in the pineal gland.
VK52 Love & Beauty A recent gift from an Undine, or Water Spirit, in support of infusing the Earth with Love and Beauty.
VK11 WaterAlive MasterKey Great for Moving & Directing Specific Energies for healing or for clearing stagnant energy in your environment. Easy to use for Feng Shui. Helps Focus desired energies from other objects. Creates a refreshingly sweet, full bodied, energized water.
VK11.5 RainbowWater Changes and energizes water, providing it with vibrational patterns to restore it to a vital, natural state; more alive & pure, sweeter tasting, with more energy for your body to use. Water molecule de-clumps, allowing it to be more easily accessible, more cleansing. Supports the DNA recoding process, activation of the crystalline LightBody. Restructured, energized water is one super way to support your body in this time of great transition.

& any Kit or Set that includes WA1 or WA2 or C-PU water treatment designs. Check out the website for more on these specific Vibrakeys.

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