Connects you to your true nature, calling forth more of your natural light essence, your divine GodSelf, which naturally attracts abundance and the perfect balance of caring for others and self. Helps to cut away all that is not useful anymore. Also assists in connecting with destined connections.

Design Evolution


Options & Prices

Laminated VK 8.5"x8.5" with eGuide$44.00
Giclée Print 13"x13"$44.00
See VK Prices & Formats for details on formats. An additional shipping surcharge may apply for international orders or mixed Giclée Print and Laminated Print orders.

Design Elements

These can include Symbols, Codes, Light Language, Colors & Geometries. Sometimes I use a picture of something to link to, bridge or represent its energies. The symbols themselves radiate the frequencies that reshape from our physical to our mental. It’s all about frequency patterns. This is how we create. This is how we shape reality.
Just for fun, I wanted to show you all the layers and images that go into one Vibrakey, in this case, VK05:

Shefa; Symbol of Abundance

“It is the Word in its highest, most profound meaning - as a principle of the ONE, a tool for creating abundance. It holds a powerful kinetic energy, the kind that, when coupled with intent for the highest good & aligned with Divine Will, can move mountains or feed the world. Ever since its reappearance in our reality it has manifested miracles both big & small. It is instantly recognized by the Higher Self as Divine (this is the actual reason for your attraction to it) & can be worked with in order to enhance the flow of Divine Abundance into your life.” Shefa Quote from http://www.merkaba.co.il/Shefa.htm

New Codes; Freedom from Within

12-15-07: Saleena: After talking with my dad, who transitioned out of his body a number of years ago & who still contacts me to share information from time to time, I started dozing off & upon waking I remembered seeing orange butterflies flying toward a kind of lumpy ball that reminded me of a close-up of a cell dividing.
They were carrying something that looked like another lumpy ball & placing it on to the bigger ball. There was a series of little earthquake shakes as if it were happening in response to their action. This was all during the dream vision. When I fully woke up, I wasn't sure if the earthquakes really happened. So I asked, "What was that?" I heard a voice say: Your new codes.

Why Butterflies?

Place them in a Vibrakey; we will work with you tomorrow. Saleena: Why butterflies? Why orange ones? Voice: It represents transformation from the root. They are bringing new codes & attaching them to your cells. The new codes will come right in & settle in the receptor sites on your cells.

Gift from StarBeings

Saleena: Who are you? Arcturians? Ambassadors? Others? Voice: Both, we are working together & the Andromedans, also. We'll unpack the new codes as you sleep. Saleena:

For your Health

What are they? A A A: They are for you, a new step in your health. This is what you all need, another step of antidotal strengthening. Your bodies must get stronger. Saleena: You mean all of us on earth? Are these codes for all of us? A A A: Yes. Saleena: Anything else? I am grateful. Which Vibrakey? Can we use one already in process? How about the one with the blue butterflies & Whales, VK43 Primal Creation? A A A: Yes. The codes will help you finish your break from the old patterns that keep the controllers here in any way. It's a complex explanation. They will unfold in you a new freedom.
In the VK05 Abundance design I placed 6 Rainbow Butterflies at 6 gates. They are keepers of the Universal Law of Change bring transformation & new codes from Arcturians, Andromedans & Ambassadors; new internal strength & freedom. VK03 Feminine Power also uses the Universal Law of Change.


Many more Geometries & design elements will assist you in remembering & manifesting more of your natural light essence, your Divine self.

Flower of Life

6 Petaled Flower of Life: Sacred geometry which brings the un-manifest into manifestation, the unformed into form. For more, see The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Mechizedek.
3 Infinity Symbols are spinning along the edges of the flower petals crossing in the center; balancing service & self-care.

6 Pointed Star

Archangel Michael’s Sword: 6 Pointed Star Blade with Nested Oscillating Circle: cuts away & dissolve anything no longer serving your current life experience. 6 Pointed Star is made of interlocking tetrahedrons creating a spinning MerKaBa-Light Body, (see VK20 LightBody Bliss for more) which brings together Heaven & Earth, calling forth a balancing & cooperation between the inner masculine & feminine. See VK47 Alchemical Marriage for more.
Overlaid with a Gold Nested Spiral of Life, producing 6 Opal Rays, accompanied by the Chartres Labyrinth.

Magnetic Balance

Signal Towers: Sending Receiving-Attracting Destined Connections. Receiving Galactic signals & emissions-waves engraved with Gold Magnetic Symbols from VK31 PeaceMaker.


Liquid Gold-StarFire Codes help us remember immortality through the Divine Goddess.


Energy Ley Lines connect us with the energetic lines in the earth grid. Space Waves-Emissions from Galactic Center. VK27 Golden Pyramid has much more about this.

5th Sun-6th World

These rest under Shefa, and are representing another view of the Great Shift we are in, the changing times, the transitioning out of on cycle into the next, at many many levels. Welcome to the 6th World.

Full Spectrum Light

Rainbow Light: full spectrum frequencies.
Full Spectrum Jewels: Red-Orange-Green-AquaBlue-Indigo-Violet Placed around the center of the design.

New Codes

New Abundance Vibration Codes: These codes in the bottom right corner of the design were given on 22 September 2008 by the Ambassadors. They are a collective group of beings from outside our creation, from a daughter universe. They offer support & service to assist us to awaken. See VK44 BluWater Elixir, VK27 Golden Pyramid, VK45 Sol Dancing Sun & K-TW Transform your Water Kit for more of the Ambassadors’ offerings.

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Features of VK05

Abundance: on any level, shifting personal grid to receive
Ascension: support to release density
Body-BA: celestial-spiritual body
Chakras: balancing, opening, clearing
Codes: activate and make accessible information and coding within the Alta Major
Manifestation: allowing abundance in
Power: personal
Relaxation-Calming: throughout the body

Vibrakeys that work with VK05

VK27 Golden Pyramid contains many evolutionary codes and energies. Much to discover. Learn to be in harmony with & thrive with the photon belt energies & the increasing plasma from the sun. Create a space of energetic resonance & harmony to live in.

VK44 BluWater Elixir New kind of intelligence offered to water of this planet. Exciting vibrational raising codes and designs from our friends, the Ambassadors. Includes Red Creation Codes and all the previous water designs to thoroughly restructure your water for the most wonderful taste!

VK45 Sol Dancing Sun Communications with the sun leads to more awakening. Learn from our sun Sol.

K-TW Transform your Water Kit Water can help you to raise your vibration. Raising your vibration helps you live in the higher parts of whatever dimensions you are living in. If you Transform your water, you transform yourself, then you transform your world. All this helps to live in the flow of the universal energies and thus be more open to abundance.

VK110A EYE of ONE Back2Back Many people are catching glimpses of new dancing rainbow colors. This rainbow bridge helps draw & ground the new color frequencies into the Earth plane, into your cells & DNA. A Rainbow Portal anchored in Hawaii at 19.47N for your pleasure: journey, explore & have fun!

VK115 Metatron's 7 Gates of Creation3 I chose it's number to honor the 7 fold geometry and elements interwoven into it from the new energies birthing it; This design represents and bridges the new crystalline Metatronic-Angelic Network structure as it unfolds through its many movements, like a symphony, into Creation. Through it flows Creation3 energies, pure potential creational energies that when focused on and drawn to you or anything you are focused on, moves you or it to a brand new space where the previous event or energy simply ceases to exist in the same way.

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