Flower of Eternal Life - Venus

VK21 Flower of Eternal Life supports your Ascension process into 5th Dimensional living and beyond. Through Grace, from the Divine Feminine, your body is re-formatted to more easily receive the full spectrum light saturation & patterns of resurrection; rejuvenation and regeneration, to assist your body in beginning the process of becoming immortal. This begins with a conscious decision to release it from the death hologram which has kept us bound in the polarized density programs I call the 3-Ds: Degeneration, Decay and Dying.

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This design and accompanying guidance (Vibrakey back or eGuide) offers us a graceful way to receive these Vibrational Patterns of Resurrection. There is a Guided Process included that literally opens you with Metatronic Codes to begin receiving a continuous infusion at the cellular level of the highest crystalline Christ Consciousness coded light our body is able to accept. The more time you spend in the amazing field this design helps generate, the more you shift and the easier it becomes to move into higher dimensions, into the presence of higher dimensional beings and stay present with these higher vibrating frequencies. This is necessary step in your ascension; to be able to access and interact in these higher dimensions.
Design includes a connection to Venus, our Sun, Green Pyramid Temple on Venus to infuse your body with LOVE like it has never felt since incarnating into the densities of the 3D Earth. The newly added connection to Creation3 brings it to a whole new synergistically powerful level to generate the ability to change realities much easier and generate a supportive field for your Body-Mind-Spirit to ascend in.

Energetic Research

Research from Barry Martin

The first impression I had of this key was that it has moved to a whole new dimension from the other keys.  I experienced it as much more multidimensional (not that the others weren’t) encompassing many more dimensions and domains of being, in particular the negatively polarized dimensions of the feminine face of creation. I also immediately detected the presence of the Office of The Christ and many Christed beings working through the key.

Visually my physical perception immediately became 3d when I looked at the image.  The various levels of the flower of life appeared as interlocking spheres instead of circles.  I was drawn into this 3d world which immediately became four dimensional then expanded into the non physical dimensions.

The Flower of Life is the ultimate divine matrix the cosmic feminine in archetypal form.  She holds the thoughts of the Father, the five regular polyhedra, the five perfect thoughts of creation or the five elementals. From which all life arises.  While the dodecahedron cannot be expressed without the next level of spheres, it is implied in the geometry and actually would encase the image. The dodecahedron represents ether, and the doorway to the etheric dimensions is through the center of the image in the crystal therein.

It was a particularly powerful experience to place the thumb on the center of the palms and bottoms of the feet. (This is part of the procedure to prepare the body before you unlock the hologram) I could feel a burning sensation in the center of the palms like the nails going through, but immediately realized the minor chakras in the palms were being opened and activated.   My experience is that when these chakras are open there is the active, unconditional embrace of life, surrender what ever comes ones way, a deep compassion for oneself, others and all of life.  The realization that the crucifixion is the way matter has Christed until this point.  It is different now.  And that is what this key and The Christ Resurrection Body of Light is about. The truth of his role as Savior is also contained herein.  The Christians aren’t blowing smoke on this one.

When I did the user code, (numerical sequences given by Metatron to open the hologram) what I felt at first puzzled me for there was no infusion of light or activation.  Instead what I felt was a subtle deep process going on within. (Saleena: Realize that Barry has opened the hologram and bathed in it’s frequencies more than once before he tried it through this key, in fact he was the one that received the inspiration and did the work to open the resurrection hologram from within The Shroud of Turin.) 

As I tuned in it became apparent that all my subtle bodies on all levels of organization from subatomic, to atomic, molecular, cellular, tissue, organ/gland, system and whole body on a multidimensional level was being re-formatted to receive what was to come next. The activation could not occur unless the matrix were in place, which is the principal function of the Flower of Life (and the Flower of Grace in this design). I could sense an infinite number of Flowers of Life filling my being encircling the levels of organization as mentioned above, preparing them to receive unity consciousness. 

When the formatting was done, the download of the resurrection codes began and it was very powerful.  You talked to me shortly thereafter and I was severely altered. I felt like a newborn baby, completely open with some vulnerability, very dissolved, empty.  What I imagine the caterpillar feels like in the chrysalis when it is no longer a caterpillar and not yet a butterfly, a jelly mass with no structure.   Today I feel the integration beginning and a new sense of embodied solidness coming from the further integration of my spirit energies with the body.

More on what I am sensing as the keys function…..The key removes the death hologram, a reality bubble that has the planet in it’s grasp yet, but is dissolving quickly.  This hologram is based in the illusion of separation that resides at all levels of embodied consciousness and is most deeply entrenched in the cells and DNA.  There is a tendency of the etheric matrix of life to involute and condense it to finite appearing forms at this dimensional level.  When this happens there is a loss of resonance or connectedness with the infinite wave like nature of creation.  Matter takes on the consciousness of finiteness, absolute boundary, separateness. 

This is of course an illusion, but when this is held as reality by the mind of man and the mind of the cells the loss of linkage to higher intelligence, the inflow of energy and information necessary for sustaining of life with the galactic and universal levels of intelligence on that of the non-physical dimensions of life are attenuated.  This is why the brain is operating on 10% capacity. It’s why we have two stands of DNA now. Without being fed the nourishment of universal life frequencies from all dimensions, the matter vibration slows and coalesces and cannot maintain the vibratory frequency necessary to maintain life.  Energy flows slow down, dysfunction and chaos develops and thus decay and death. All this because the mind of the cells and body think they are finite matter bound entities, instead of experiencing themselves as differentiated standing waves, not solid blocks of matter, oscillating for a while in the infinite, intelligence and loving etheric matrix (Divine Mater/Mother).

Resurrection occurs when
Remembering occurs within the mind of the cells.

It is when the sentience of the body re-experiences itself as part of the continuous, eternal fabric of multidimensional  life that is not separate and cannot die.  When the cells realize this, they let go of patterns of genetic history which are repetitive, circular and insular and third dimensional. Separation is in the genetic code of all living organisms which is why it has been so difficult to raise the physical body into light.  One is in a very real way going against a most deeply ingrained tendency a 4 billion year old story of separation and death. 

Christ Jesus through his public crucifixion, resurrection and ascension impregnated the planetary mind fields with the antidote, the ultimate homeopathic for this illusion.  It is contained within the resurrection codes he left behind which are maybe most powerfully accessible through the Shroud of Turn as this was where the wave event was directly recorded, the hologram encoded.  You guys got it at Malina’s very powerfully, and it is now unpacking itself and this Vibrakey may be one of the first fruits.

Resurrection occurs when we and the body realize that love and eternal life are the fabric of creation, the very nature of the stuff that everything is made of…infinite eternal intelligent and omnipotent Mater/Mother.  She Lives forever. She cannot die.  Her form is eternally changing to express greater and grander emanations of life.

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Features of VK21

Anti-Aging: process of turning off death code, turn on Youth & Vitality codes, Master Cell-Pineal Gland
Ascension Process: raising our vibrations, more light
Death: turn off the death hormone and hologram, begin Immortality
Dying-Hospice: assistance in transitioning and completions, all keys by themes
Grace: there are easier ways to awaken and en(in)lighten, raise our vibrations
Hospice: assistance in acceptance and completions
Immortality: clear genetic tampering, release distortions, kundalini energize and vitalize, practice ecstasy, turn on more codons, activate Lightbody, Breathe Bliss, Gratitude, Appreciation
Integration of Polarity: balance and integrate masculine-feminine principles within, release resistance to polarities to find neutral appreciation for the experience, Ho’oponopono
Light: gracefully prepare your body for more light, and receive it, liquid light
Loved: to be able to allow and receive true love flowing to you
Omni-all Dimensional: opening, operating in other dimensions
Pineal Gland: awakening, strengthening, regaining full capacities, seat of masculine
Resurrection Hologram: process of bringing body back to full potential
Sex: conscious sexuality
True Love: for your body-mind

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