Golden Pyramid

Contains many evolutionary codes and energies. Much to discover. Learn to be in harmony with & thrive with the photon belt energies & the increasing plasma from the sun. Create a space of energetic resonance & harmony to live in.

Options & Prices

Laminated double sided VK 8.5"x8.5" with eGuide$66.00
Giclée Print 19"x9.5"$55.00
See VK Prices & Formats for details on formats. An additional shipping surcharge may apply for international orders or mixed Giclée Print and Laminated Print orders.

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Features of VK27

Alchemy: the art of changing one thing into another, creating the new world now
Body-KHAT: physical body, ability to be fully connected, grounded
Brain-Hypothalamus-Pineal: support, grow, activate, balance
Energy: frees stuck, increases lifeforce
Evolution: helps clear old patterns for easier evolution
Homesickness: connection to galactic roots and starseed family, also divine
Immortality: clear genetic tampering, release distortions, kundalini energize and vitalize, practice ecstasy, turn on more codons, activate Lightbody, Breathe Bliss, Gratitude, Appreciation
Kundalini: learn to use sacred sexual energy to heal, rejuvenate, and energize the physical-energetic body, create with, share
Light: gracefully prepare your body for more light, and receive it, liquid light
Memory: remembering, enhancing memory
Pineal Gland: awakening, strengthening, regaining full capacities, seat of masculine
Sun-Solar Plasma: nourished by, eat light, learn from, ascend with
Thymus-Immune System: protection from distorted frequencies

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