PowerWater & Energy Kit

Easy Convenient Card to: Energize, Potentize & raise the Vital Life Force of food & you! Restructure & Energize Water: creates Power Water! Potentize physical & non-physical items. Just place the card near anything you would like to charge, energize or clear. It’s all about energy!

Options & Prices

Kit with eGuide$28.00
Kit with Printed Guide$31.00
See VK Prices & Formats for details on formats. An additional shipping surcharge may apply for international orders or mixed Giclée Print and Laminated Print orders.


Energize & Potentize Anything:

This design increases the potency of anything it comes into contact with, without distorting the patterns that shape it. Just place the card near anything you would like to charge or energize.

Restructure Water

Water: is liquid crystal. Crystal can receive & retain vibrational patterns, so water has memory. When it is mistreated it de-structures & too many molecules cluster together, thus the cells cannot properly absorb it. Cells use water for many of their vital functions. All living things have water in them that can be programmed.

Water is Conscious

In Masaru Emoto’s book The Hidden Messages in Water we are shown through photographs of many frozen water crystals, that water is capable of responding to, memorizing & relating many types of information such as: music, pictures, spoken or written words, prayers, & thoughts/intentions.

Water Teachings

6 WaterAlive designs gives to water a comprehensive reminder of the many aspects of fully alive water: pure, clear & clean like a high mountain stream. These “Water Teachings” hang on the Tree of Life’s sacred geometric structure. Reminding it to be like a free flowing stream, tumbling down a hill, meandering, balanced, sparkling in sunlight. Liquid crystal, permeated with full spectrum light, surging spinning meandering.

There are more elements programmed into this design to support us in our ascension process. If we are made of so much water, then drinking & bathing in vital alive clean water certainly will affect our internal waters & thus our health & well being. Alive, pure, clean water may cause the body to cleanse & revitalize the cells, thus ridding itself of anything that is negative or out of balance. Himalayan Salt & WaterAlive make a powerful sole drink.

Many Ways to Use

Great for Kitchen Alchemy

Adds a new kind of vitality to your recipes, foods & supplements.

Setting Sacred Space

Use it on an altar when you are setting energies for an event or project. Energize creative supplies, placing the mandala in the environment where you work or create.

Charge Things

Energize crystals, stones, fabric or jewelry to wear. It can be used to charge crystals or water.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui (feng shway) is the ancient practice of using three elements to bring good luck (balance & harmony) & ward off evil (or imbalance). The three elements are sun, earth, & people (animals). By moving furniture & using proper colors & styles, a Feng Shui expert is said to be able to bring a peaceful balance to a room or building. Different practices differs in their details, such as the exact directions in which various objects, rooms, materials etc. are to be placed, depending on what source you are getting your information.

Feng Shui is a vast subject & I recommend your own study to understand how you might apply it or hire a Feng Shui Master to guide the process. Feng Shui’s objective is to harmonize the flow of life-energy (qi in Chinese or prana in Sanskrit) through the house. For this guide, I assume you already have studied it & understand the basic principles or have hired someone to assist you in your project. You can use this design to move or direct energies in a room or deflect & clear negative energy in your home.

How Do They Work?

WaterAlive designs draw energy into the top & send it through the Tree of Life structure picking up the vibration/teachings that restructure water when it encounters them & sends it out the bottom points. This acts like a laser & is able to direct energy in a certain way. It is useful in areas that seem to have stuck or slow moving energies & need to be freshened. Also where you desire to direct the movement of the energies to other areas where they are needed.

Water Features & Charging Crystals

For water features; fountain, pool, jacuzzi, sauna, you can use the Water Alive to restructure the water, either by placing the card near it, or by charging a crystal on the design overnight & placing it near or in the water. For a sauna, place the crystal near the heat source. Once a month the crystal should be cleansed & recharged. Any other crystals you are using can be charged on the same design.

Energizes & Clears

Power-Up! design can energize, clear & clean the energies in certain areas of your home You can clear, enhance & energize items you are going to place for holding or representing different energies for designated areas in your home.

Circulating Toroidal Field

6 WaterAlives draw energy down through the center of the Potentizer which energizes & creates a very program-able particle, then draws it through the Tree of Life with the water teachings; restructuring the water particles, then sends it out each of the 6 points like lasers. Then into the center, through the structure, then out the points; again & again, rotating in a torus or donut shaped field. This creates a circulating field which keeps the energies moving. This is one way to keep stagnant energy moving & refreshed.

Design Elements

This design has 6-single point WA1 WaterAlives placed in a circle around a VK13 Universal Library which has these design elements: Super Collider x13 which creates conditions for particles to become highly programmable.

Seven Fold Geometry/Flame Letters hosted by Sekmet.

Universal Knowledge; All in All Ring or God’s Gold Key from Atlantis.

Full Metatronic Rainbow Color Spectrum.

Pyramid Power with Gold, Silver, & Copper, & more! See VK13 Universal Library for more details.

Features of K-PW

Energize: raise the energy level of body or objects
Energy: frees stuck, increases lifeforce
Opening: to more aliveness, each other, your heart
Past: antidote for living in, completing and freeing stuck energy
Sleeping: greater comfort in nervous system
Water-Emotions: helps stuck emotions flow, helps with natural feelings being restored

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