Codons - DNA

Activates a new system of omni-dimensional reception and triggers a new sequence of alchemical action to support your awakening and the restoration of your DNA Blueprint to perfection.

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Energetic Research

Research from Barry Martin

A vortex opens at the top of the DNA tri-helix (I see three manifest in my body).  Colorful geometries of higher light coding are pouring in.  I can see the new codings taking the existing lattice structure. These codings transform primal genetic memory patterns in the DNA, patterns of fear, separation, exclusiveness, distorted repetitive patterning processes that keep us going in the same loops again and again.

Biological repetitiveness, things that have sustained life in the path that now interfere with the requisite evolution into a fourth dimensional body.  They will kill life if they are allowed to continue.  I can see the death response code is being transformed. When frequency changes to a certain degree in the body the cells go into a death response.  When frequency increases to a certain degree, the de-densification reaches a threshold the body interprets this as the crown charka opening that has traditionally only occurred with death.  This is why the cellular programming is to anticipate death. 

Essentially all coding and gridwork is laid down over the existing web of information, the DNA that allows it to be bridged between the third and fourth and ultimately fifth dimensional body of light.  Brilliant coding, nothing but awe for how perfectly effective it is for doing this. I am aware of how Metatron has been working through Saleena for some time.  What is coming through this key is a complex and highly transmutative coding program of a very high order.  I have received many of these codes through other vehicles so it is not so transformative, however I can see the quantity and quality of coding that it transmits.

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Features of VK19

Activation: of your Mer-Ka-Ba (Light Body) DNA, Codons
Anti-Aging: process of turning off death code, turn on Youth & Vitality codes, Master Cell-Pineal Gland
Ascension Process: raising our vibrations, more light
Be Yourself: remember who you are
Belonging: restore your interconnectedness
Blueprint: new available, supporting us to reconfigure, and restructure
Codes: activate and make accessible information and coding within the Alta Major
Codons: activation, turning them on
Death: turn off the death hormone and hologram, begin Immortality
Electro-Magnetic Balance: balancing electric (masculine) and magnetic (feminine)
Evolution: helps clear old patterns for easier evolution
Father: masculinity issues, resolution of
Immortality: clear genetic tampering, release distortions, kundalini energize and vitalize, practice ecstasy, turn on more codons, activate Lightbody, Breathe Bliss, Gratitude, Appreciation
Integration of Polarity: balance and integrate masculine-feminine principles within, release resistance to polarities to find neutral appreciation for the experience, Ho’oponopono
Omni-all Dimensional: opening, operating in other dimensions
Power: personal
Truth: finding your own resonant inner truth

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