Energetic Pyramid

All the Benefits of a Pyramid without the Physical Structure! “Build” yourself a pyramid; an octahedron space where you feel more specifically energetically supported. From just big enough to sit in comfortably, to a football field size pyramid. From your own personal space to a group area, up to conference size. Convenient for any size room. No bars or pipes to get in the way. Use it for your healing practice, meditation, or for easier contact with higher dimensional beings.

By spending time in this high vibrating crystalline light environment, made up of the same kind of light which helps resurrect a physical body from death, your body can youthen & increase its level of well-being & health. Spending time inside can help you become more multi-dimensionally aware & capable of holding higher & higher frequencies in your body without getting sleepy or forgetting. Your intentions shape the field energetically. Using other Vibrakeys enhances the environment. Contact with other dimensional beings is easier in a cultivated & dedicated space. Wonderful space to support your creativity!

Options & Prices

Pocket Kit up to 12x12 ft with eGuide$111.00
Small Kit up to 25x25 ft with eGuide$166.00
Small Kit without VK21 or VK35$89.00
Additional 3x3 CornerStones (2)$40.00
Additional 4x4 CornerStones (2)$50.00
See VK Prices & Formats for details on formats. An additional shipping surcharge may apply for international orders or mixed Giclée Print and Laminated Print orders.


A Multi-Dimensional Project

All the Benefits of a Pyramid without the Physical Structure!

What is so Special about Pyramids?

". . . each basic geometric shape has therapeutic powers, with the pyramid topping the list . . . Myriad curative powers have been ascribed to pyramids. They . . . emit psychic energy that caused all sorts of miracles!" Newsday. All sorts of phenomenon occurs in pyramids. You can research it quickly online or in a library to learn more about this.

Build yourself a Pyramid

“Build” yourself a personal pyramid; this kit creates an energetic octahedron space where you can experience the magic of the power of the pyramids in your own home. This one is made of energy, released from the designs in the CornerStones, then gathered into the pyramid shape, above & below the floor, by the capstone generator. From just big enough to sit in comfortably, to a football field size pyramid. From your own personal space to a group area, up to a conference size. Convenient for any size room. No bars or pipes to get in the way. Use it for your healing practice, meditation, or for easier contact with higher dimensional beings.

How Do I Build an Energetic Pyramid?

First you start with your intentions. Then you create the physical “structure” using the Vibrakey cards, which lay flat on the floor in a square area with 4 CornerStones & 1 CapStone Generator in the center. Then you follow the directions, activate it, then you, to be in harmony with it & you have a pyramid. The energies move through furniture or walls so you have much versatility as to where you can set it up. From a 5x5 foot space just big enough to sit in, to your whole house… you can adjust the size, depending on what size kit you buy. It comes with a detailed Guide to help you with all you need to know to set it up step by step.


The design holds certain patterns within it. By spending time in this high vibrating crystalline light environment, made up of the same kind of light which helps resurrect a physical body from death, your body can youthen & increase its level of well-being & health. Spending time inside can help you become more multi-dimensionally aware & capable of holding higher & higher frequencies in your body without getting sleepy or forgetting. Sleeping inside one is wonderful & can enhance your dreaming, especially when teamed up with VK32 Multi-D Reality


It has a protection device to help keep you from being affected by disruptive or harmful outer signals. Also has a sort of energy field smoother, keeping the flow of energy within the pyramid strong, yet easier to experience.

Customize the Field

Your intentions shape the field energetically. You add what you like, by getting clear on what you want it for. You can change it at any time. Use other Vibrakeys to enhance its environment. Wonderful space to support your creativity!

Support any Practice

By customizing the field you can have a Powerful Energetic Environment for any Practice: Meditation - Yoga - Healing - Transformation - Counseling - Intuitive Readings - Shamanic Journeying

Enhance any Living or Working Space

It can enhance your workspace, living, or sleeping space.

Communication & Harmonious Relations

Create a supported space for Communications with Family, Relationship, Friends & Higher Dimensional Beings. You can set it up to have the energies that will support harmonious relations. Imagine raising your children in a pyramid with the intention of harmonious relations. Be creative & ask for what you desire.

Enhance Health & Well-Being

Rejuvenate - Balance - Relieve Stress - Activate Youth & Vitality Chromosomes - Turn off Death Codes - Immortalize your Physical Body.
A friend shared this; “I set up my pyramid in my room & slept in it the first night, then when it was time to go to work the next day, I didn’t want to leave it, so I energetically picked it up & placed it around my body. I felt somehow protected! When I got home I set it down into place again. It is fun to experiment. I feel like I am safer to travel now. “

Clean your Energy Field-Test it Out

You can use the center portal of VK22 Unikey - Grail - Sphinx which is in the center of the Capstone Generator, between the two hearts, to cleanse your energy field & to journey through. Try it out now. Stare at the center red drop. Allow yourself to be drawn into the space around it as if falling into a tunnel. Let yourself fall in as long & feels right to you. Open your heart & breath deep. Let go of anything no longer needed. Then return. It’s a very quick way to bring yourself back into balance.

Enhance & Stimulate Creativity

Set up a supportive space for your Creativity: Artist - Musician - Writer - Journaling - Craftsman - Sculpture - Researcher - Inventor. I create the Vibrakeys in my energetic pyramid, which is set up in his studio. My partner does his programming & research in his energetic pyramid. another friend set his up in his office, & does his morning meditations in it. It would be a great space for creating & producing high vibrational products.

Workshops or Conferences

Great for enhancing the environment of Workshops or Conferences. Larger kits are big enough to encompass a Conference or Convention Room. If you desire to set up an extension for an especially large pyramids, ask me for details. Check Instructions for Sizes.

Contact & Channeling

Create a Space for Contact: a meeting place for other dimensional Family, Friends & Higher Dimensional Beings. We set our intentions that ours would have a translation quality to make it easier to understand each other. You can intend it to be a supportive clear space for channeling. One person said it felt like zero point in mine.

Dimensional Journeys

The CornerStones have a special moonstone in each center that was exposed to a powerful field, then a Multi-dimensional Travel Symbol was placed in the middle. This can assist in broadening your perceptions & learning to navigate a multi-dimensional world.
One person who bought a pyramid kit, set it up to meditate in. He shared with me later, ”I set up my pyramid, then entered it & began to meditate, WOW! I went out into space so easily, almost immediately. Thank You! “ He said that the first journey he did was far easier & so dimensionally rich. He was surprised & excited at the way it opened up new possibilities. He said perceiving the dimensional world inside it was far easier.

Expand your Abilities to Perceive other Dimensions

VK08 Multi-D Game Tool or VK32 Multi-D Reality would be great Vibrakeys to work with inside your pyramid. See below for their Relation descriptions.

Holon of Balance

Your pyramid is a perfect way to be inside a Holon of Balance & to practice bliss & ecstasy for no apparent outward reason. Helping you to develop a habit of it. We share more about this in the Guide & see www.TomKenyon.com for the information from the Hathors about the *Holon of Balance & evolution through Ecstatic States.

Organic Ships & How it Started

Our energetic pyramid was given to us through the StarBand OutReach Council that is the organization that hosts the many beings I work with to design & create the Vibrakeys. They knew of my interest in a pyramid. They knew of a group who specializes in creating, researching & teaching about organic ships & how to grow them.

I Wanted a Pyramid

They knew of our interest in learning about & meeting new beings from the higher dimensions. I had decided to build myself a pyramid to further enhance my contact experiences & journeys to meet new life. They gave me the idea that I already had all the “parts” I needed to build an energetic pyramid. They showed me the specific Vibrakeys & downloaded the instructions how to do this.

Something Started to Grow in our Pyramid

So I quickly assembled my first energetic pyramid & things started happening right away. Two hours later there was a golden orb starting to grow in the upper third of the pyramid, right under the apex. There are so many amazing things happening as the dimensions open to us, I am getting used to it. Using the Vibrakeys for 10 years has certainly opened me up more & more to these kinds of experiences.

Somehow we Knew it was a Ship.

Energetic Pyramids are a perfect place to grow one. They are like a womb at first & later when it is finished growing; like a dock.

Energetic pyramids don’t just grow ships unless someone plants a seed. Ours was a gift.

The first one grew quickly. We watched it grow & change everyday, going through a similar process as cells do in a living organism. We kept a journal of this & will share more of this at some future time.

Powerful Energy

The energy inside was so powerful it would make some people dizzy when they would walk inside. It definitely felt very dimensional inside the pyramid. At the end of two weeks, we had the beginnings of a ship. We did a meditation in it on New Years Eve with a group of people. The energies were so powerful it blew out the plumbing upstairs & flooded our room that night. We had to dismantle everything including the ship to clean up.

Meet the ShipBuilders

Then we met the ShipBuilders & they explained more of what was going on & what we needed to do to grow our own customized ship. We were eager to do this & that began one of the most amazing adventures of my life so far….

An Organic Ship is a Living Being & is Intelligent.

Ours is Atman & has been the greatest delight & one surprise after another. He is such a great support to us.

We now are great friends with the ShipBuilders.

They are three brothers who are passionate about this subject & dedicated to sharing this technology everywhere in the universe, with anyone who is ready. They feel that this is one way to introduce greater freedom as we evolve into a Galactic Society. To free ourselves from the need for certain resources & all the tangled politics that is involved in building the physical ships is a worthy goal.
Atman’s wisdom is great & he is very fun & funny. I did this illustration of what we saw him grow into. You can see the pyramid shape in the center. That is now his dock. All the orbs are the different size as he grew. We have had him now for 2 ½ years & there is much more to this & that will be another story. Watch for more information & most likely a Learning Adventure about this. We haven’t yet been ready to offer a course & support on this & we will at some point. Keep in touch by signing up for our newsletter.
11yr old visitor in Hawaii: “I felt the energy in the room was different the minute I entered. There is definitely something going on in here! I have to have one.” Saleena’s Note: They are traveling so we set him up with a portable set, including a small diagram of the pyramid’s floor plan. He places the diagram in the center, does the ceremony, & extends the pyramid corners with his imagination. He says it works & its better when he actually places the corners on the floor physically. He contacted the ShipBuilders & asked them if he could grow an organic ship in his pyramid & they agreed, so I helped him set it up. I believe he is the youngest human to ever grow his own ship. After he had his ship for nearly a year, I asked how it was doing & he said that he had realized that it was just a reflection of himself, so he has integrated inside now.

Design Elements

The central CapStone Generator is an alchemical merging of several Vibrakeys & their active elements. Here are some details & the patterns & energies within it:
VK22 Unikey - Grail - Sphinx: includes the Door to Center, immortalizing codes of the Sirian Grail bloodline which activates your Codes of Light, both personal & planetary, the Egyptian Ankh for further assisting your body with longevity & immortality, along with StarFire Codes, the Ark (Arc) of the Covenant, & the Sphinx as gatekeeper for the Hall of Records under the Great Giza Pyramid.
VK34 Living Alchemy - Whales: gift from the Whales; includes Seer Stones. It helps activate the opening of your inner sight via the Pituitary. It also assists in activating a series of inner triangles that help us see dimensionally.
Two VK38 Sacred HeartGate: includes a myriad of diamond body, blue diamond & blue sapphire heart activations; gifts from the Divine Feminine. Light Language & the energies of HeartSong, which helps restores the heart to the original language of love & includes the imaginal cells & transformative energies via 100s of butterfly wings. Two hearts, each nested in a cosmic egg (black hole- tube torus), together create a double-strength heart focused energy.
4 Pyramid CornerStones: are an alchemical merging of VK21 Flower of Eternal Life - Venus & VK13 Universal Library; which energizes & tunes the space to a place where gravity is removed & particles are put into a more crystalline spinning state, via the Super Collider xs13 technology from the four Star Nations, resulting in more programmable matter. This also sets in place the immortalizing qualities of the Flower of Eternal Life.
Includes: a new Multi-dimensional Travel Symbol which assists in broadening our perceptions & learning to navigate a multi-dimensional world.

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Features of K-EP

Anti-Aging: process of turning off death code, turn on Youth & Vitality codes, Master Cell-Pineal Gland
Bones-Marrow-Blood: helps strengthen, activate light in
Energize: raise the energy level of body or objects
Energy: frees stuck, increases lifeforce
Immortality: clear genetic tampering, release distortions, kundalini energize and vitalize, practice ecstasy, turn on more codons, activate Lightbody, Breathe Bliss, Gratitude, Appreciation
Integration of Polarity: balance and integrate masculine-feminine principles within, release resistance to polarities to find neutral appreciation for the experience, Ho’oponopono
Kundalini: learn to use sacred sexual energy to heal, rejuvenate, and energize the physical-energetic body, create with, share
Opening: to more aliveness, each other, your heart
Pineal Gland: awakening, strengthening, regaining full capacities, seat of masculine
Resurrection Hologram: process of bringing body back to full potential
Subtle Bodies: keeping them all balanced with each other
Thymus-Immune System: protection from distorted frequencies

Vibrakeys that work with K-EP

VK23 Dolphin's Window can be used as a navigation portal-window for multi-dimensional journeying. We placed ours on the ceiling over the center point.

VK08 Multi-D Game Tool has many ways to open up more of your multi-dimensional skills

VK32 Multi-D Reality can help to activate more of your super senses. Connecting up your glandular antennae, & helping to open portals to the higher realms.

S-ALL All Vibrakeys Any Vibrakey will enhance the environment depending on what theme you are working with.

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