Multi-D Game Tool

Learn to communicate through the Psychic Kids Network. Activate a new inner vision and how to see omni-dimensionally. Dissolve old operating systems easier and install new ones to help land a new civilization inside first. Encounter new ways to learn and perceive.

Design Evolution


Options & Prices

Laminated VK 8.5"x8.5" with eGuide$44.00
Giclée Print 13"x13"$44.00
See VK Prices & Formats for details on formats. An additional shipping surcharge may apply for international orders or mixed Giclée Print and Laminated Print orders.

Energetic Research

Observations from Carol Michaels

Carol has been such a great one for sharing her inner sight about these tools. She sees things in such a different way than most. She was the one who requested VK08, asking for something to help take apart old non-useful systems faster and help install new ones. It seems that this one is sent to also teach us more about new ways to learn. This is the one you can actually feel the vibrational sensation under your fingers.

Features of VK08

Ascension: support to release density
Belonging: restore your interconnectedness
Codes: activate and make accessible information and coding within the Alta Major
Energy: frees stuck, increases lifeforce
Learning: absorb information/data easily & rapidly, new way of learning
Omni-all Dimensional: opening, operating in other dimensions
Opening: to more aliveness, each other, your heart
Pituitary-3rd Eye: inner vision, intuition, seat of feminine
Relaxation-Calming: throughout the body
Soul Retrieval: retrieving lost parts of yourself, lost knowledge, trainings
Third Eye-Pituitary: activating, psychic gates, inner vision

Vibrakeys that work with VK08

VK38 Sacred HeartGate The heart space is not just a physical space inside a physical heart. It is physical and energetic. The “Whole Heart" is a vast experience! There is so much to explore inside each of your own hearts.

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