Electric Support

Assists electrical systems in physical body (nervous system) and externally (computers, electrical equipment). Repairs & adjusts them to more easily receive incoming higher frequencies. Balances Neuro-transmitters. Great for the sleeping space as it calms and soothes, restoring balance overnight. Great to build a protective grid around your computer workspace for you and your computer!

Design Evolution


Options & Prices

Laminated VK 10.75"x5.3"$33.00
Giclée Print 19"x9.5"$55.00
See VK Prices & Formats for details on formats. An additional shipping surcharge may apply for international orders or mixed Giclée Print and Laminated Print orders.



The purpose of this design applies to biological & electronic devices: To balance, harmonize & upgrade electrical systems, both in biological physical systems such as the brain & nervous systems & electronic technology: devices such as computers & other hardware associated with offices, work stations, art or music studios (monitors, hard drives, wireless mice, keyboards, printers, wireless phones, cell phones & devices & other electrical equipment) & entertainment centers (TV, stereos, headsets & a multitude of electrical hardware).

Our Energy Environment

We are technologically surrounded with electricity & wave emitting devices, constantly bombarding us with electrical, radio, cell phone & micro waves. These can be harmful to our biological systems unless you are aware of how to take actions to buffer, subdue, or better yet, correct or remove the harmful effects.
Our planet is evolving as it moves deeper into a highly charged photon belt that is strongly affecting us & our electrical devices daily. As we move into the next solar cycle, the plasma waves from our sun flares are getting stronger. It is our intention to support you & your chosen technology, during these times of intense frequencies & changes, to thrive & ascend.

Rejuvenation and Restoration

Balancing & equalizing the electrical transmission throughout the brain & body can protect your systems from intense electrical surges. It rejuvenates & reconnects severed or malfunctioning circuits, thus it may assist in lessening the severity & frequency of seizures. This may be helpful to those with epilepsy, as this has to do with electrical discharges in the brain.
It helps to restore appropriate chemical balance to the brain through the conductor fluids-neurotransmitters. It upgrades old circuits to accommodate higher frequencies & transmissions. It moderates high frequency transmissions, which might overload circuit breakers, to an acceptable voltage & current for the existing receiving system.

How to Use

Place it in your workspace, near your computer or entertainment center as you are exposed to high levels of EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) for longer periods of time. These come from appliances, electrical wiring, computers, machinery, etc. Set them near the place where you work.
Place it near where you sleep for the soothing & healing effect. Meditate, by gazing into this design, to optimize healing & strengthen your nervous system. It may be helpful to those with Attention Deficit Disorder or Hypersensitivity. It may reduce the frequency & severity of seizures caused by electrical malfunctions in the nerve-brain.
Keep it near computers & other electrical equipment to optimize their performance. Our computers behave much happier when sitting on or near this design.
Note: We address frequency levels & work with correcting negative or harmful energies. We do not diagnose nor treat diseases or illness. See your naturopath or doctor for that approach.

Understanding the Universal Intelligence

Most importantly, it offers you an understanding of the intelligence that is within all things. Your electrical devices have consciousness; responding generously to appreciation & gratitude for their service.

Design Elements

Orange side represents FireEarth elements, Blue Side represents WaterAir elements. Supports you physically around electronics & assists electronics to stay stable.

Energetic Research

Research and Experimentation with Zahid

We have discovered that there are base parts of the designs that remain consistent, but there seem to be other parts that can be "fine tuned" to an individuals personal needs. By using dowsing or intuition to find out if this is needed, then by consensus agreement between the individual & the design, certain part of the design can be fine tuned, adjusted to better fit an individual's needs.
Zahid has checked out many energy devices in his own very unique way, so he was interested to see to what degree The Vibrakeys would be of value to the general public so he checked to see if the VK10 would enhance people's well-being just as is, and he found that out of a 100 people, 91 would be positively assisted, whereas the other 9 would be if it were fine tuned. He said that the ratio of people it would help straight across the board was very high in comparison to other tests he had done. Using these in conjunction with a number of healing & harmonizing modalities seems to be a wonderful way to get the needed support with what is happening so intensely within our bodies & beings as things get more intense energetically on our planet earth.

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Features of VK10

Ascension Process: raising our vibrations, more light
Nerves: protection for body and nerves, upgrading, repairing, balancing neurotransmitters
Relaxation-Calming: throughout the body
Sleeping: greater comfort in nervous system

Vibrakeys that work with VK10

VK20 LightBody Bliss is the next octave of VK10 Electric Support. It helps you activate & remember how to use your lightbody- MER-KA-BA. Works with activating the PINEAL GLAND, This may also be helpful to those with epilepsy, as this has to do with electrical discharges in the brain. Helps with setting up Natural Boundaries.

VK17 Biological Strengthener keeps your biological & immune system strong,

VK27 Golden Pyramid helps you under-stand & use cosmic & sun waves to your benefit.

VK28 Safe Haven creates a safe & harmonious energetic environment in your living, work or creative spaces.

K-EP Energetic Pyramid helps you set up a customized supportive energetic environment to match your daily needs.

K-PW PowerWater & Energy Kit & Power Up! clears, cleans & energizes your space.

VK14 Genetic Feast for a ceremony to clear genetic tampering and nourish DNA

VK19 Codons - DNA to activate and turn on the multi-dimensional portals that reside up the strand like lights. These will support and augment the process CVK01 or CVK01R begins.

Combine VK13 Universal Library & VK31 PeaceMaker, or VK13 Universal Library & VK34 Living Alchemy - Whales for reducing or reversing the harmful spin of electric waves. It also reduces harmful exposure to radio waves.

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