Genetic Feast

Helps clear all malevolent genetic tampering, restoring the integrity of your genetic material and opening you to greater potential as it nourishes you at a deep genetic level.

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Energetic Research

Research from Barry Martin

As I did the How To Use, releasing the old implants, I saw many implants that were in the process of being released powerlessness, separation, victimization, and then I asked for the installation of the new imprints.  What I saw was a vortex opening up within the multiple helixes of the DNA.  I saw three helixes in the physical, and I saw the etheric imprints of the other 12, the third is just about constructed.  So the vortexes were opening up within the cell spinning information down the wave guides and these three helixes are like a wave guide through which energy wave patterns is guided down through this whole system of codons.  I am seeing the codons are really multidimensional repository of code access, of which most of the information is not in the physical. 

This is really going to get the genetic engineering people in trouble. They don’t realize what they are mating when they bring in all these different dimensional levels.  What I’m being shown is that the original image of the Adam Kadmon is being spun in from way out there.  I see that is administered by the Elohim primarily and they are essentially downloading that information, that holographic template down through all those vortexes, one for each DNA.  I see that this is all being facilitated by Metatron’s envelopes of Light. So this coding process is coming through Metatron in cooperation with the Elohim.

This Key contains the interdimensional pathway linkage to provide the stepdown mechanisms to allow these vast holographic imprints to be taken down various interdimensional doorways, down through mid-way stations and other transfer points, places like Sagittarius.  It’s very complex to see all the different places this goes through to be stepped down into this level. 

The Three inner shells on the Vibrakey almost look like spirals, like Nautilus shell geometries.  These are very important for orienting this information. They provide primarily phi based wave guide to allow this stuff to go down through all the levels of vortexing and compression. There is literally a  compression of this information down deeper and deeper levels of nested, toroidal levels of dimensional reality.  That’s what those three things in the center do.  They are brought down into the primary point of creation within each cell, that exists on the interface between the zero and first dimension where primal dark energetic matter or dark matrix give birth to things. 

That can be found down below the third level of the subconscious, the first level being the individual subconscious, collective subconscious second, archetypal genetic subconscious third and then below that is a deep black well, a void of dark, black feminine creative stuff which gives birth to all of creation.  This Key brings it down below subatomic, through all the levels of the subconscious matrixing. 

I am now asking for the duplication of the perfection  to be multiplied through the 44 chromosomes then duplicated and expanded, what I experience is the unpacking that occurs.  The energy packets that contain the information that was compacted down through the dimensional levels and is now encoded like on a computer disk in the codons, and now it is being replicated through all levels of chromosome linkages and then holographically unpacks.  It is like putting a diskette in the computer.  What is on the diskette is wave patterns on magnetic media then all of a sudden the computer begins to unpack that and turns it into a whole reality on the screen. This is a very similar metaphor.   

The dark space in the center is really opening up a vortex of primal dark substance, and it is also opening up all the dimensions of the negative chakras below my tailbone.  I see a complete mirror image of the negative chakras that mirror the positive chakras that mirror the positive chakras above the tailbone.  It is basically the dark feminine dimension of reality.  And what that really is the mirror image of the negative or feminine I AM Presence.  Just as there is a positive white light I AM Presence that orients upward and is first experienced above the head there is a negative feminine presence which orients in a mirror image downward.   

And she embodies, she births manifestation.  I do the mantra OOH RAH YAM in the solar plexus and experience a burning fire in the solar plexus chakra which is really the fruition of the DNA activation in that now the physical body is able to anchor so much more frequency, the frequency of the original divine blueprint and that is the ultimate capstone to the evolution of individualization and development of the vehicle capable of expressing the One, the Christ.  A golden white fire which can be expressed in the physical body.

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Features of VK14

Ascension: support to release density
Blueprint: new available, supporting us to reconfigure, and restructure
Body-KHAT: physical body, ability to be fully connected, grounded
DNA: to clear genetic manipulation, distortion
Energy: frees stuck, increases lifeforce
Father: masculinity issues, resolution of
I AM Presence: embody your connection
Immortality: clear genetic tampering, release distortions, kundalini energize and vitalize, practice ecstasy, turn on more codons, activate Lightbody, Breathe Bliss, Gratitude, Appreciation
Intimacy: starts within
Manifestation: allowing abundance in
Power: personal
Solar Plexus: sun center, seat of personal will, energy center
Sun-Solar Plasma: nourished by, eat light, learn from, ascend with
Will: recovering personal power, reenabled will, manifestation

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