Sun - Sol - Solar Connection

Theme: Sun - Sol - Solar Connection

Connection to our Star & the line of Greater Stepping Suns beyond. It is through these portals that information flows that shape creation. Ambassadors say our Sun has a unique library that can be accessed with the right preparations. See VK45 for more.

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2010-07-09 NEW MOON Sunday – 11 July 2010 – A DAY TO MEDITATE & MANIFEST
2010-07-07 Leap up Children of the Sun; Angelic Winged Ones; Sun Runners; Rainbow Warriors and other Luminous Ones!
2010-07-06 Time to Celebrate the SUN – Song of the Sun
2010-07-02 OM Wave continues thru July 11th Eclipse & Grand Cross until August 5th
2010-07-01 7-7 SOL DANCING; Exploring our SUN – Teleconference Adventure
2010-07-01 7-7 Sunny Warm Wave of Love in the Living Grid-Invitation
2010-06-26 Eclipse in BETH; Weaving Everyone & Everything In
2010-06-25 Grand Cross & GateWay of OM – Metatron
2010-06-25 A Rare Opportunity; June 26th Lunar Eclipse
2010-06-25 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Easy Understanding
2010-06-24 The Child & The Egg
2010-06-02 May 31st Crop Circle – Belees Talks to Humanity
2010-05-27 Celebrate our Sun; 5 Day Transmission Update
2010-05-23 5 Day Sun Transmission-Infusion from Source – Arcturian Message
2010-01-04 Birth of the Universal Child: New Year’s Day Adventure

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VK14 Genetic Feast Helps clear all malevolent genetic tampering, restoring the integrity of your genetic material and opening you to greater potential as it nourishes you at a deep genetic level.

VK21 Flower of Eternal Life - Venus Supports the Ascension process & manifestation of 5th dimensional living and beyond. Through Grace, from the Divine Feminine, your body is formatted to more easily receive full light saturation & patterns of resurrection to assist your body, releasing it from the death hologram (3-Ds: Degeneration, Decay and Dying.) Butterfly Medicine attends.

VK27 Golden Pyramid Contains many evolutionary codes and energies. Much to discover. Learn to be in harmony with & thrive with the photon belt energies & the increasing plasma from the sun. Create a space of energetic resonance & harmony to live in.

VK39 Heart of Creation To introduce you to the idea that there are many places-spaces to explore in this vast creation & you are welcome. To entice you to journey to this beautiful powerful place in creation. To connect you to the Heart of Creation so you can explore & receive the many gifts that await you there.

VK45 Sol Dancing Sun Communications with our Sun lead to more awakening. Learn from our Sun Sol. Includes a detailed process for creating White Gold Alchemy in your pineal gland. Align yourself through the glyph given by the Ambassadors for a journey into the Sun's Living Library and discover what is there for you.

VK51 Rainbow Temple of Anuenue The Temple of Anuenue, which means Rainbow in Hawaiian, is a sacred space we helped to anchor into the earth plane. It represents a new kind of spiritual governance where we all participate. See Grand Opening of the Temple of Anuenue for details.

VK59 Venus-Earth Portal Reunion of Venus & Earth. Ancient relationship reconnection brings a new song to creation. Portal to Galactic Kachina, Galactic Mother - Center & Greater Central Sun. Divine Feminine Infusion. Newest level of Crystal Seeding Codes of the Christ Consciousness Ascension Project. Hosted by Sirian Akhus, MaRi Magdalene, JeSu, Sophia & the Great Mothers.

VK67 Crystalline Creation Crystalline Portal through which flows the liquid crystal Waters of Life from Source; nectar of the greatest sweetness. Connecting us to our butterfly family who live at the edge of creation. Alchemical Womb for supporting Crystal Creations. Love of the Divine flows through this portal. 6D Angelic energies shape it’s structure. Transformation happens here. New life is formed. Crystal Seeding flows, new DNA is activated.

VK71 11-11 Crystalline Stargate 2 Reconnect to BENEVOLENT Higher Self and BENEVOLENT Source. Energies come from Alcyone through our Star (Sol) and go into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. The design Includes 7 New Code Discs from Beyond Local Source. This gift comes via the Pleiades: 7 Sisters Star Portals.

VK72 12-12 Pineal Stargate 3 Your Pineal Gland is your Stargate. It is time for you to take control of your stargate and learn to use it. This Pineal Gland activation helps you break free of restriction-filter of the old matrix and emerge into a "lighter" being who accesses the Higher Realms more easily.

VK73 Seeding New Potential Golden Sun Star Beings offer a piece of the best in each of their hearts to help humanity awaken. As you awaken, an internal Sun Star will be lit inside of you & you will shine in a new way. Provides new Information from Beyond Source in the form of 17 glyphs. Hosted by Sirian Lion Beings

VK81 SunSeed Incubator SunSeed incubators pulse and grow with light and energy, similar to a miniature sun awaiting maturity. They reset your assemblage point from finite to infinite, to connect directly to Creator energies and further your awakening. Any that are open to the SunSeed process may expect miracles from now on, as we usher in the Golden Age of peace and harmony.

VK100 Ascension Sun To assist you in more consciously connecting to and taking advantage of the powerful ascension energies, codes and information flowing through our Sun. To assist in moving from 3D to 5D Hyper Time and Space. To bring through New Life Code Seeds from outside our Creation, to offer us a vast new potential as we become and co-create our Crystalline Paradise New Earth. To honor and support the ascension of Mother Earth-Gaia and to ascend together. Home
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