Earth Ascension

Theme: Earth Ascension

Process where the vibration & consciousness of Mother Earth & Humanity is simultaneously happening. Mother Earth is ascending. It is a personal choice for you. There are many things you can do to make it more effective & easier for yourself & Earth.

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2011-07-14 Full Moon Planetary Meditation – Clearing Sham Spirituality & Water – Kogi Wisdom
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2011-04-19 Tristan’s Adventures as a Lightflyer – Creating a New Earth
2011-04-14 Divine Harmony & Cosmic Order
2011-03-18 Superfluidity ~ Love Mail in the Dark
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2011-02-24 Intercontinental Solidarity – Support from All Over the World with ARMS WIDE OPEN!
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2011-02-17 Let’s Co-Create & Celebrate Freedom!
2011-02-11 What is Growing in Our New Earth Garden? New Body-Minds & New Courageous Actions
2011-02-01 New Moon – Year of the Rabbit – Candlemas – Light a Candle
2011-02-01 Strolling Creation – Phase Shifting – Trans-Portals – Reassembling – Reconnection
2011-01-31 Phase Shifting – Trans-Portals & Violence in “Hot Spots” Around the World
2011-01-26 World in Two Phases – People Power is Very Potent – Time to Contribute Consciously
2011-01-21 The “Birds & Bees” of New Earth Living: Magnetic Pole
2011-01-14 Multi Universal Cosmic Fire about to Sweep the Earth – Full Moon Activation
2011-01-05 WELCOME 2011 Can You FEEL the NEW ENERGY? Rebirth Humanity
2010-12-23 Awakening and 2012 – introducing Maika Suneagle
2010-12-19 Let’s Co-Create a Bright Light Wave of Love in the Living Grid 12-20-21-22 – Belees
2010-11-21 POTENT PEACOCK FULL BLUE MOON Associated with Pleiades
2010-10-17 10-10-10 Followup – Invitation from FTTCC – Belees
2010-10-03 10-10-10 Galactic Severance: Graduation Time – Founders Invitation – Marimar
2010-10-02 10-10-10 StarGate – Message-Invitation from Council of ONE through Suzanna Kennedy
2010-10-01 We Are Invited to Become Time Line Jumpers: Hathor Message
2010-09-24 Two Earths Forming – Which will you Choose?
2010-09-22 International Day of Peace & PeaceWeek; Live it Everyday!
2010-09-12 Harmonic Potential – Alchemy of Transformation – 5th Cosmic Wave
2010-09-08 You Create Paradise Earth – Serapis Bey – 9-9 Message 2
2010-09-06 Plant your Seeds: Message from the Council of OM
2010-08-29 9-9 Planting our Paradise Garden of the New Earth-Invitation
2010-08-21 Mother Earth’s Chakras
2010-08-14 What an Amazing Few Weeks!
2010-08-14 Friday the 13th Morning Message Serapis Bey; Creators of the New World – It’s All Vibration
2010-08-12 Speak UP: What Will YOU Create? Gulf Declaration to End the Era of OIL
2010-08-09 Bright Side of the Oil Gush
2010-08-07 10 Commandments of Mother Earth
2010-08-05 Belees’ Recipe: Add 1 Ancient Symbol. Stabilize. Observe Crop Circle. Relax. Ride the Waves. Lift the Earth
2010-08-04 Unified Councils Unite for Us – First Time; New Energies – Collective MUST Wake UP!
2010-08-03 Unity: Has Anything Shifted? Symptoms of a New World – Conscious Convergence Report
2010-08-02 How to Participate; August Grand Cosmic Event: Amplify Your Lifting the Earth Imagination-Creation
2010-08-01 Rainbows Everywhere! Happiest Water I Have Ever Seen! Miracles in the Gulf
2010-07-31 8-8 Teleconference Adventure Invitation: Lifting the Earth; Special Gift Activation from Council of OM
2010-07-30 8-8 Wave of Love Lifts the Earth; Free Monthly Meditation
2010-07-30 Message 3: Council of OM: Lift the Earth; Call to Action!
2010-07-29 Message 1: Sacred Marriage & Aligning for a Grand Cosmic Event August 5th-8th: MaRi Magdalene
2010-07-22 All This Unity & Light is Dramatically Stirring the Dark; Clearing the Masculine & Feminine
2010-07-19 Visionary Dream of a Positive Future… Despite the Oil Spill
2010-07-17 Wave of Unity Consciousness; Conscious Convergence Initiation
2010-06-25 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Easy Understanding
2010-06-25 Gulf Oil Disaster; Special 2 Hour Broadcast
2010-06-24 The Child & The Egg
2010-06-24 Earth is Alive; Stroke Her Skin… Let Her In…
2010-06-23 June 26th Grand Cross Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
2010-06-23 Monthly Global Healing Session for Mother Earth; Together We are Creating Miracles!
2010-06-22 Let’s Quantum Leap Today! June 22nd 2010
2010-06-20 Increasing Magnetics & Sacred Sexuality
2010-06-02 May 31st Crop Circle – Belees Talks to Humanity
2010-05-31 Turning Fear & Doubt to Light: Fake It ’til You Make it
2010-05-26 6-6 Exploring Crystalline Creation; Teleconference Invitation
2010-05-26 6-6 Green Wave of Love in the Living Grid
2010-05-24 Monthly Global Healing Session for Mother Earth; Together We are Creating Miracles!
2010-05-23 Earth is in OUR Hands; Wake UP! We ARE EARTH!
2010-05-21 Anastasia – Magical & Practical: Space of Love & Commune with & Co-create with Nature
2010-05-12 Birth of a CoCreative Universal Human; Is that what we are doing?
2010-05-03 Oil Spill: SOS Calling for Intervention of a Higher Order
2010-05-03 5-5 Invitation & Return Journey with Sheaba to Meet Her Essences
2010-04-25 “Consider this a Very Strange Dream & You will Awaken” Belees the Arcturian’s Message
2010-04-21 Dimensional Bridge: Mother Earth Birthing Something New
2010-04-20 5-5 Wave of Love in the Living Grid & Teleconference Adventure
2010-04-15 Floating in the New; Calibrating with Source
2010-03-29 4-4 Invitation: Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Journey into the New Super Consciousness Living Grid
2010-03-27 Invitation: New Super Consciousness Grid; Create a Unified Heart & Mind; Create the Reality We Desire Now
2010-03-24 New Earth Grid; Higher Communications System: MaRi Magdalene
2010-03-24 Assembling New Earth: Part 5 Lyran Song of Home
2010-03-23 Assembly for Earth: Day4 Glimpse to Future Potential
2010-03-22 Dancing into the Unknown for the Changes
2010-03-20 Cosmic Trigger Meditation: Going Crystalline
2010-03-19 Assembly for Earth: Day 3 New Potential Added
2010-03-18 Assembly for Earth: Day 2 Sculpting the New Grid
2010-03-17 Assembly for Earth: Day 1
2010-03-01 Earthquakes & Tsunamis: Unified Efforts do Change our Reality
2010-02-27 Re-defining the Darkness; Shift Reality
2010-02-26 Haiti Part 5: Message from Mother GAIA: Haiti was not of Her Doing…
2010-02-26 Creating Miracles for Mother Earth every Full Moon
2010-02-16 Grand Creation & Super Changes-2009-2010
2010-02-10 We the Earth’s Sensitives: We Feel it ALL!
2010-01-22 Arcturian: New Universe Insights
2010-01-21 Haiti Part 2: Higher Dimensional Cross Cultural Messages; Things to Do & Lightwork
2010-01-20 Haiti Part 1: Cracking Open the World Heart with Love: Turning Crisis into Consciousness & Opportunity
2010-01-20 Sublime Health & Arcturian Message from Belees to Humanity
2010-01-06 Gift to Humanity from an Ascended Civilization
2010-01-04 Birth of the Universal Child: New Year’s Day Adventure
2010-01-03 Pele’s Message for 2010 We are ALL Ascending!
2009-12-30 Download your New Reality 12-31-2009 to 01-14-2010

Related Vibrakeys

VK27 Golden Pyramid Contains many evolutionary codes and energies. Much to discover. Learn to be in harmony with & thrive with the photon belt energies & the increasing plasma from the sun. Create a space of energetic resonance & harmony to live in.

VK55 Oneness in Wholeness This Vibrakey was created in the energies preceding & leading up to 2009-09-09, the day we entered the Crystalline Age, an age of growing Unity & higher brighter clearer energies & ideas. In the beginning phases of living in a 5th Dimensional Level, our awareness of or remembrance of our true Divinity & Oneness is becoming realized within us.

VK56 Super Consciousness Grid Kilabetha is an intelligent organic superconscious communications grid. She facilitates galactic contact by enabling easier communications with higher dimensional beings. This will support disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence and the exopolitical reality. Ultimately, this furthers the end of the old control systems and greater participation in designing our reality on Earth. She helps Earth evolve to heart-infused technology. Straight out of the Void, a Gift from the Divine Feminine, the grid is built from Sirian Star Light on the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life. This furthers the Sirian Ascension Project, whose purpose is to restore our full awareness of highest Christ Consciousness. The new grid infuses the highest Christ Consciousness able to be received into the Earth’s plane of reality. The return of Metatronic full spectrum light, via the rainbow, enables us to perceive higher truths.

VK58 Crystal Seeding Higher Source Consciousness entering the Earth plane & all life. Crystal seed codes activate the highest level of Crystalline Christ Consciousness ever brought to Earth. Activates Codes of Light in the grail lineage, those working within the Sirian Ascension project. Provides newest frequency of abundance, reconnecting us to live in the flow of the Universe. At its heart is the Cosmic Resetter & Resynchronizer from VK55 to help align systems of all kinds into harmony with the greater whole. Gifts from Source Creator, MaRi Magdalene, JeSu, Sirian Ahkus and Butterfly Beings.

VK59 Venus-Earth Portal Reunion of Venus & Earth. Ancient relationship reconnection brings a new song to creation. Portal to Galactic Kachina, Galactic Mother - Center & Greater Central Sun. Divine Feminine Infusion. Newest level of Crystal Seeding Codes of the Christ Consciousness Ascension Project. Hosted by Sirian Akhus, MaRi Magdalene, JeSu, Sophia & the Great Mothers.

VK64 Inside BETH A view of BETH, the new Superconsciousness Living Grid, from the inside.

VK75 Final Key of Harmony Assists one to begin to break one's polarity habit and make space for our new reality. It helps one learn to move massive amounts of stuck energy. We get to practice non-judgment as one learns to integrate duality. By a brave gesture of showing one's acceptance of ALL our experiences and aspect one begins with a powerful Oneness Initiation & Ceremony where one merges with one's own polarized Masters of Duality into Rainbow Mastery. A gift from Benevolent Source, the final 18th code is presented to complete the previous set of 17 codes flowing into our Earth plane as seen in VK73 Seeding New Potential.

VK81 SunSeed Incubator SunSeed incubators pulse and grow with light and energy, similar to a miniature sun awaiting maturity. They reset your assemblage point from finite to infinite, to connect directly to Creator energies and further your awakening. Any that are open to the SunSeed process may expect miracles from now on, as we usher in the Golden Age of peace and harmony.

VK97 Bloom & Thrive A Vibrakey Soul Portrait & Portal for Mother Mary, co-created with her by sisters Saleena Ki and Mary Angelico. On 5-11-2012, Mother Mary asked Mary Angelico to paint her portrait. Mary Angelico and I had co-created something similar for Mary Magdalene in her VK29 Living Mary design. Mother Mary asks for vivid lush bright green and pink; very alive colors. She says it is time for us to Bloom and Thrive and that is what she wanted portrayed in her portrait-portal. Through Mother Mary's hands flow light language codes for the most recent Crystal Seeding for our inner Masculine and Feminine. She was pleased that this "brings Her out of Heaven & Grounds her into our New Earth." She extends us the invitation to meet her in the New 5D Earth Paradise Garden we are all co-creating and readying ourselves to live at this level of reality.

VK110A EYE of ONE Back2Back Many people are catching glimpses of new dancing rainbow colors. This rainbow bridge helps draw & ground the new color frequencies into the Earth plane, into your cells & DNA. A Rainbow Portal anchored in Hawaii at 19.47N for your pleasure: journey, explore & have fun!

VK110B EYE of ONE Mirror Image Many people are catching glimpses of new dancing rainbow colors. This rainbow bridge helps draw & ground the new color frequencies into the Earth plane, into your cells & DNA. A Rainbow Portal anchored in Hawaii at 19.47N for your pleasure: journey, explore & have fun!

S-ALL All Vibrakeys 1 of Everything Kit includes 1 of every current Vibrakey design & guide, 1 print for each Vibrakey in the Birthing Gallery, 1 of every Kit, Set & Manual. Powerful support for your personal transformation, healing, family dynamics, relationships, educational material, home schooling. Home
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