Feminine Power

Great for those who are in process with or ready for completion with the past. Assists in gently opening you to cellular release of past trauma and no longer useful beliefs. Helpful in trauma abuse recovery and completing unfinished business. Frees stuck energy for use in the present. Angelic and feminine influences oversee this one. Lots of grace applied here.

Design Evolution


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Design Elements

These can include Symbols, Codes, Light Language, Colors & Geometries. Sometimes I use a picture of something to link to, bridge or represent its energies. The symbols themselves radiate the frequencies that reshape from our physical to our mental. It’s all about frequency patterns. This is how we create. This is how we shape reality.

Crop Circle

I used this 1998 UK Lockeridge crop circle photo to begin the VK03 design. To me, it felt like a connection to the Christ field. I heard a few references to this as the “Christ Ship.” I felt guided to use it in the four corners to set the frame for the emerging design. I placed the Universal Law of Change in the “birds” beak, which also multiplied its effect by 4.

Universal Law of Change

Butterfly Woman hosts these energies through this universal law. Butterflies are guardians of the Universal Law of Change. I use the Universal Law of Change in four directions to amplify its effects.

Universal Language of Light

Light Pictographs: I first saw these images (6 light images in center of design) at the Earth Transformation Conference 2008 when Victoria Liljenquist was showing us film footage of her encounter with an unusual orb in Sedona, Az. They had such a strong effect on our light bodies, I included them so they could gift their energetic effects to you who are ready for them. You can see a sample live on her website, Victoria’s Light.

Features of VK03

Abandonment: deals with the root level that this pattern was adopted
Ascension: support to release density
Body-KHAT: physical body, ability to be fully connected, grounded
Energy: frees stuck, increases lifeforce
Grace: there are easier ways to awaken and en(in)lighten, raise our vibrations
Intimacy: starts within
Mother: femininity issues, resolution of
Past: antidote for living in, completing and freeing stuck energy
Power: personal
Sex: conscious sexuality
Sleeping: greater comfort in nervous system
War-Conflict: ending it inside

Vibrakeys that work with VK03

VK04 Masculine Power takes you through a similar process to continue the clearing, cleansing & embodying the full power of your inner masculine.

VK07 Harmonious Relations brings a harmonious alignment to the masculine & feminine archetypal energies within each of you for a inner harmonious relationship, that may then reflect in an outer relationship of the same kind. Assistance with bringing your inner Male-Female into harmony & beginning to understand the gifts each of them offer each other and the world.

VK14 Genetic Feast has a design & ceremony to clear genetic tampering & nourish RNA-DNA as you evolve. This can help clear distortions programmed in to the human form to use the masculine and feminine aspects in a controlled way aligned to a slave perspective. Helps clear the depowering patterns and set them free to interact with the original gifts they bear.

VK19 Codons - DNA activates & turns on the multi-dimensional portals that reside along the DNA strands like lights. The higher strands of DNA bring higher perspective and energies that may bring us out of our attachment to the polarized masculine and feminine as the only “healthy” gender roles and bring more choices to the forefront.

VK21 Flower of Eternal Life - Venus brings us a connection to the ultra loving and feminine vibrations from Venus. A gift from the Emerald Green Healing Temples. Know, perhaps for the first time, true love in your body.

VK24 Creation Legends present many archetypal stories to help us understand and create with, including the feminine and her relationship roles with the rest of creation. Fresh from the Library under the Sphinx. We are happy to present these 72 Creation Glyphs and stories. Offers more opportunity to work & play with Light Languages.

VK29 Living Mary encourages every woman to become a Queen in the sense of a fully empowered feminine being. A new archetype for the feminine & beautiful message given by Mary Magdalene. Mary hosts this design and uses it as a portal to activate a special blessing-energy in every being. Even men have their own internal feminine to awaken and activate. Contains the energy blessing-transmission Ilahinoor which comes from the Divine Feminine & radiates from every stone of the well.

VK35 Telos Generator Learn more about how to use the torus generator for your health & well-being. For your explorations & connection to more beings who have much to share. Guides you to set up an exploratory session to receive assistance, share ideas, receive new technologies and healing techniques from many other dimensional beings. This can be used when any difficulty arises concerning our relationships & we are ready to take responsibility & explore our own inner patterns to transform.

VK47 Alchemical Marriage Is a next step when both your masculine & feminine are clear & in full power. Leads you to understand and participate in a Divine Inner Alchemical Sacred Marriage between your own inner masculine and feminine. When this is in place inside, it is possible for you to attract an outer relationship, if you so choose, that will reflect this sacred relationship.

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