Masculine Power

Are you ready to open up and release old trauma that is buried so deep you haven’t been able to consciously access it? This helps to break up the most stuck old patterns, beliefs, emotions etc. It’s as if Lightning strikes and opens, then Water washes away, cleansing & freeing you. Gets things moving. Strong male energy.

Design Evolution


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Giclée Print 19"x9.5"$55.00
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Design Elements

These can include Symbols, Codes, Light Language, Colors & Geometries. Sometimes I use a picture of something to link to, bridge or represent its energies. The symbols themselves radiate the frequencies that reshape from our physical to our mental. It’s all about frequency patterns. This is how we create. This is how we shape reality.

Crop Circle

This one we call the buzz saw. Energetically they assist in breaking into the old sequestered pain or trauma. Freeing it to be recognized and cleansed. I looked for this crop circle later, but could not find it. If anyone knows what year and where this crop circle appeared, please let me know. Contact me: Saleena at vibrakeys dot com.

Arrow Symbol

The penetrating lightning arrows, with serrated edges, point into the center of the star & eye, channeling the fire & water into the center of each cell, breaking through the blockages held deep within which keep us from residing in our core.

Fire & Water

Flowing into the arrows are alchemical elements of fire, water & streaming emanations from beyond which contain various waves of transmission from higher presences who are working through the portal of this key to assist in the transformation process. Water washes you clean & Fire burns away your fears. As if Lightning strikes & opens the old buried pain or judgments, then Water washes it away; cleansing, healing & freeing you to connect deeply with your inner masculine force.

Star Glyph

Universal Law of Life connects us to Source Creator, Great Spirit or God.

All Seeing Eye

In the center of each mandala is the All Seeing Eye of God within, with pupils of green & magenta; vibrating with feminine heart energy. Set within circles to access primal feminine manifestation.


In the center of each eye is a tetragrammaton, or the primal geometry of the fire tetrahedron; Source Creator’s door. Here we have a loving mind of God penetrating the depths of creation, into this focal point representing the storage place of the old energies. The entire mandala is a transmission of penetrating insight & awareness that enters the darkest, most withheld reaches of the psyche.


The feathers from Home remind us to take things lightly; to release & allow the natural lifting energies of life to remove what is no longer needed.

Energetic Research

Research from Barry Martin

In the center is the All Seeing Eye of God within and within it, is the pupil which is green, the feminine heart energy within a circle which is the primal feminine manifestation symbol. And held within this, the focal point is the tetragrammaton, or the primal geometry of the fire tetrahedron or the Yahweh’s door.  Here we have the loving mind of God penetrating the depths of creation. 
The pentrating yin-yang balanced arrow with it’s serrated edges, break through the blockages held within which keep us from residing in our core.  The entire mandala is a transmission of penetrating insight and awarness that enters the darkest, most witheld reaches of the psyche.   Flowing into the arrow is streaming emanation from beyond which contain various waves of transmission from higher presences who are working through the portal of this key to assist in the transformation process.  The feather reminds us to take things lightly and to release and allow the natural lifting energies of life to remove what is no longer needed.
The Key whispers…”I AM God-One Remember.  I come to destroy and dissolve what veils this core truth. “

When I use the key, I experience a strong but gentle pentrating energy coming down through the crown chakra, opening it, moving into the third eye , unlocking this chakra,  breaking loose projection patterns and denial.  The breathing increases in a rhythmic flow as the throat chakra opens and I breath with lifes rhythm allowing life energy to flow where and how it may within my being. Then the heart opens with a feeling of a loving strength and acceptance of what I AM.  As this occurs the patterns begin to break loose and rise up from the lower chakras,  felt first as blocks and resistance then feeling and emotion. The the thoughts and images arise and the insights and realizations flow through the awakened mind.  The perfection is seen of what was seen as other.
With this Vibrakey I have gone through a lot of old shame, self judgment and self-hatred that is core to this lifetime and that is ancient.  It took me right back to the initial pain of the Lucifer Rebellion and allowed me to see the perfection of it all.  In my case I can see that the male spirit polarization, in fear and repression of the feminine was the major distortion behind it all.  The key digs deep down into the depths of root chakra fears and allows the dark nourishing light of the feminine to move up through my chakras cleansing them of fear and contraction.  I AM open, ecstatic, one with Life.  Yeah!  
Wiki Information: (per VK)

Features of VK04

Abandonment: deals with the root level that this pattern was adopted
Ascension: support to release density
Body-KHAT: physical body, ability to be fully connected, grounded
Energy: frees stuck, increases lifeforce
Father: masculinity issues, resolution of
Intimacy: starts within
Past: antidote for living in, completing and freeing stuck energy
Power: personal
Sex: conscious sexuality
War-Conflict: ending it inside

Vibrakeys that work with VK04

VK03 Feminine Power helps to restore your full Feminine Power, to clear old feminine patterns & illusions from the past, making room for the expression of your full inner feminine power so she can come to peace and balance with your masculine.

VK05 Abundance helps free you to allow the golden energy of Abundance flow through you & into your manifestations.

VK07 Harmonious Relations Enjoy the ride to become the freedom your masculine is! Enjoy a message from the Masculine about this freedom.

VK14 Genetic Feast helps the masculine to cleanse the genetic manipulation and come into a healthy relationship with his personal power as he heals his solar-will center.

VK15 Love's Power is full of codes to help you access where your true power lies; in the heart and in knowing who you are and what you have come here to earth to learn. Knowing where your True Power lies is a vital component of the New Masculine.

VK31 PeaceMaker helps to bring peace and end the war inside so the masculine can begin to re-build the earth with his energies instead of suffer and destroy.

VK36 Chariot of the Gods offers a new set of new blueprint codes and guidelines to evolve our physical body into. Releasing us from the power struggle between love and freedom, love and power.

VK47 Alchemical Marriage invites the masculine and feminine to unite and bond in a powerful sacred alchemical relationship of balance and creativity. Powerful and passionate when the energies are right with each other. Note: this one is still in the birthing chamber

Watch for VK53 Excalibur Rises/ Lunar Masculine Archetype for the new Masculine.

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