Love's Power

Activates Thymus gland, strengthens the immune system and Opens the Heart. Beautiful rainbow crystal lotus. Attunement ceremony from Mother Meera, and the 7 SiStar Rays. Mantra included: “I am safe, I am strong, I am pure love!” Very sweet!!! Also reconnects you with your true power.

Design Evolution


Options & Prices

Laminated VK 8.5"x8.5"$33.00
Giclée Print 13"x13"$44.00
See VK Prices & Formats for details on formats. An additional shipping surcharge may apply for international orders or mixed Giclée Print and Laminated Print orders.

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Features of VK15

Body-KHAT: physical body, ability to be fully connected, grounded
Boundaries: stronger, with others and with the world
Commitment: trouble with, solution starts with self
Compassion-others: getting into your heart, dropping judgment
Heart: opening, strengthening, restoring original language
I AM Presence: embody your connection
Immune System: strongest immunity comes with open heart and love
Intimacy: starts within
Love: ability to remain in a state of love, open hearted
Loved: to be able to allow and receive true love flowing to you
Mission: and True Purpose: fulfillment of, remembering
Opening: to more aliveness, each other, your heart
Sex: conscious sexuality
Thymus-Immune System: protection from distorted frequencies
Truth: finding your own resonant inner truth
War-Conflict: ending it inside

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