Heart of Creation

One of the softest, sweetest places I have ever visited. White Dolphins led me here during a Contact meditation. This key acts as a map to lead you there & introduces you to the idea that there are many places-spaces to explore in this vast creation & you are welcome. I would like to entice you to journey to this beautiful powerful place in creation. To connect you to the Heart of Creation so you can explore & receive the many gifts that await you there. To assist you in elevating yourself into a higher level of the Full Crystalline Christ Consciousness. To offer you bliss & joy in this reconnection. To encourage a sacred balanced powerful relationship with your inner masculine & feminine & introduce a space where sacred sexuality may be experienced in a very high energy of creation. Image sharing sacred sexual kundalini in the Heart of Creation! They say that orgasm is the ultimate reconnection with Source Creator-God that a human can experience! What a whole-ing unifying experience this could be…

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Making Contact & 8-8 Sirian Lion’s Gate

In the Spring of 2005, approaching the 8-8 Lion’s Gate, I was leading a “Making Contact Art” Meditation with a group. The intention was to help people connect to other life in the higher dimensions, experience it, then return & draw what we saw. After I got everyone on their way, I relaxed into my own journey. I ask, “What is all the excitement about when the 8-8 Sirian Lions Gate opens in August each year?” I was shown the portal/gate and drawn to enter.

White Dolphins & Heart of Creation

Eventually some White Dolphins arrived, see VK41 New Codes - White Dolphins. They invited me to follow them and we had a lot of fun travelling very fast! They lead me to this place where we entered this area that was radiant, soft & beautiful. It reminded me of a gigantic peach-pink rose. I was floating around in the petals & seeing all kinds of things nestled there… these soft eyes, little white crystalline eggs, amber honey colored crystal wands. Somehow I knew, in the bigger macro sense, this was the Heart of our Creator.
While exploring, I experienced a feeling of the most amazing love & it penetrated me. I felt a balanced Male-Female Christos presence; floating and bathing in the softest, highest frequency of the Divine Christos/Crystalline energy I had known this life. Being in this presence, I soaked in the new lunar masculine & solar feminine energies.

Metatronic Realm

I saw the White Dolphins swimming through the center & disappearing. I asked about it & they said through there was the Metatronic Realm. This is the portal-door through which the White Dolphins of VK41 New Codes - White Dolphins bring new codes into all of creation.
After I returned, I drew what I saw. I used crayons to try to get the softness to show. While drawing it, I could feel the same feelings soaking into me. Seem that once you experience the place, it is easier to feel it & open to the energies.

Map & Bridge

This key acts as a map that will show you the way to find this place; a bridge to give you a connection to the energies of the Heart of Creation.

Sacred Marriage; Tantric Union

Manual includes more guidance of how to enter this space & share sacred sexual energies there. With a beautiful tantric poem to touch your heart & open your body.

Design Elements

Creator’s Heart as a Rose; Magdalene-Christ-a-lline Energies
Orange-Pink Ray; Solar Feminine & Lunar Masculine
Eyes of Love
Potentiality of Creation; Chrystal Eggs of Infinite Possibilities
In the 8-8 Sirian Lion's Gate
Honey Colored Amber Wands of Light; Masculine Christ

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Features of VK39

Alchemy: the art of changing one thing into another, creating the new world now
Crystalline: crystalline-based bodies vs. carbon-based
Father: masculinity issues, resolution of
Homesickness: connection to galactic roots and starseed family, also divine
Integration of Polarity: balance and integrate masculine-feminine principles within, release resistance to polarities to find neutral appreciation for the experience, Ho’oponopono
Kundalini: learn to use sacred sexual energy to heal, rejuvenate, and energize the physical-energetic body, create with, share
Relaxation-Calming: throughout the body
Sex: conscious sexuality
Sleeping: greater comfort in nervous system
Vacation: destination PARADISE, helps you find it inside

Vibrakeys that work with VK39

VK41 New Codes - White Dolphins Introducing you to the Metatronic Realm. It is all about codes & formulas for Creation. The dolphins bring information from the Metatronic Realm to us. We are the lenses of consciousness that process the information to form a holographic reality around us. It is through our perception filters that reality is experienced, like the old saying, “There is only one of us here.” By receiving new codes, our perceptions change & thus our reality changes. White Dolphins bring Codes of Creation in for your-our Evolution.

VK40 Rejuvenation - Deep Rest Seboteaus is a group of Sirian Flowers who offer an Energetic Spa to you. When you surrender into their field, your form (body) is rejuvenated, repaired & balanced & you awaken deeply rested.

VK38 Sacred HeartGate The heart space is not just a physical space inside a physical heart. It is physical and energetic. The “Whole Heart" is a vast experience! There is so much to explore inside each of your own hearts.

VK43 Primal Creation Contains the first code-gift from the Butterfly Beings that give a new kind of freedom from the inside out. Also helps you learn to create with the Creator Whales for a new bigger level of co-creation within a Universal level.

VK52 Love & Beauty A recent gift from an Undine, or Water Spirit, in support of infusing the Earth with Love and Beauty.

VK47 Alchemical Marriage Invites the masculine and feminine to unite and bond in a powerful sacred alchemical relationship of balance and creativity. Powerful and passionate when the energies are right with each other.

VK48 Divine Alchemical Union Representing an Alchemical Womb from which many new levels of your being can be birthed. Triunes - Trinities - Triads; Explore the power of the Third element to stimulate evolution.

VK29 Living Mary Encourages every woman to become a Queen in the sense of a fully empowered feminine being. A new archetype for the feminine & beautiful message given by Mary Magdalene. Mary hosts this design and uses it as a portal to activate a special blessing-energy in every being. Even men have their own internal feminine to awaken and activate. Contains the energy blessing-transmission Ilahinoor which comes from the Divine Feminine & radiates from every stone of the well.

VK21 Flower of Eternal Life - Venus Supports the Ascension process & manifestation of 5th dimensional living and beyond. Through Grace, from the Divine Feminine, your body is formatted to more easily receive full light saturation & patterns of resurrection to assist your body, releasing it from the death hologram (3-Ds: Degeneration, Decay and Dying.) Butterfly Medicine attends.

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