Supports us to re-integrate more parts of ourselves, experiences & information we have “lost” across time, space, and dimensions. Also prepares us for new initiations. A Shamanic Soul Retrieval tool assists journeying to bring all of you home. Works well in dreamtime.

Design Evolution


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VK25 originated as a commissioned Soul Portrait.
Saleena and VK25

Energetic Research

Research from Barry Martin

What I am being shown is that the tetrahedron is the geometry of the monad, or I AM Presence in its three fold nature: Love, Wisdom, Will/Power; or Father, Son, HolyGhost (Divine Feminine).  The pink, and blue and yellow mirror this.  At the center are nested fractal tetrahedral geometries that are gatherers the focalizers of aspects of souls that are gathered through the crystalline spheres on the outer points. It’s a collecting unifying, dynamic, and contains all the frequencies of the rainbow or the seven rays of creation converging in a three or tetrahedral geometry. 

The circle represents the container of the feminine and the soul.  In the center of this is again, the tetrahedron or the I AM.  All ray frequencies pour into the soul, and when there is a synergistic three harmonic of the rays there is a capacity to integrate all dimensions all aspects of the qualitative, God frequencies which is what the rays are, the panoply of essence which allows all divine expression to be made possible.  So this reaches out into the void, into the reaches of multidimensional reality, all the places where the soul may have misplaced, divorced, or fragmented parts of itself. The pattern simply connects with them all in the frequency of unity accessing all rays of creation and re-unifies it all.  As to the nested tetrahedral geometry in the middle, the little spheres are the collectors.  The inverted gold tetrahedron in the center is calling my attention which is forming the merkabah star tetrahedral geometry unifying the horizontal and vertical axis. 

What I experience was an extension of an intelligent energy which literally accessed with precision many domains of multidimensional reality which I was not conscious of and began to pull back in lost aspects of essence. Some of these aspects where lost in the very formative stages going back to just after the soul was formed.  These were so lost to my conscious access that I could not even see where they came from.  This all happened so rapidly that it was amazing.  As fast as I could open to receive one, another would pop up and start the process.

A ball of white golden light came into my hara center. I realized that it was primal piece of feminine soul I had never integrated. I have always had this problem taking on people’s stuff, and have always been sensitive.  My left leg has been more rigid and closed than my right forever, my right being dominant and more open.  When this piece of monadic feminine energy came in out of nowhere, I realized that I would no longer get overwhelmed by cities and people etc.  The point I want to make is that it was so far lost and gone I had no idea that it could even possibly exist. Then I had another 5-6 integrations in rapid succession, and I am still working on some of them the next day. This is another amazing Vibrakey.

The Retriever also greatly helps to expedite the integration of all the different bodies and levels of being.  It integrates, ego/personality, soul, oversoul and I AM Presence levels of identity.  We have subconscious and elemental levels, archetypes etc.  It brings them all in and unifies them in the most amazing way.  

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Features of VK25

Ascension: support to release density
Be Yourself: remember who you are
Belonging: restore your interconnectedness
Dreams-Lucid: activates The Well of Dreams, leads to re-link with other realities
Dying-Hospice: assistance in transitioning and completions, all keys by themes
Father: masculinity issues, resolution of
Homesickness: connection to galactic roots and starseed family, also divine
Initiation: through your inner gates to new experience & knowledge
Memory: remembering, enhancing memory
Mission: and True Purpose: fulfillment of, remembering
Mother: femininity issues, resolution of
Omni-all Dimensional: opening, operating in other dimensions
Power: personal
Soul Retrieval: retrieving lost parts of yourself, lost knowledge, trainings
Truth: finding your own resonant inner truth
Veils: dissolving, removing, lifting, meet more of yourself and the world

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