Transform your Water Deluxe Kit

Water is one of the most amazing substances in creation. This kit will help you begin to understand this important element & how to transform it into a sweet & delicious elixir for supporting your life. The RainbowWater card contains many water teaching design elements that restructure your water into a crystalline pattern that will help support you & all life it comes in contact with as we go through the great shift. Create a refreshingly sweet, full bodied, energized water. The resulting water is delicious; more full bodied & sweeter. Easy to taste with many other benefits. Restructure your water to help the earth clear its negative patterns.
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Kit with Printed Guide$47.00
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This WaterAlive design Restructures Water & Liquids.

How does it Work?

Water is liquid crystal. Crystal can receive & retain vibrational patterns, so water has memory. When it is mistreated, it de-structures, & too many the molecules cluster together, thus the cells cannot properly absorb it. Cells use water for many of their vital functions. All living things have water in them that can be programmed.
WaterAlive designs draw energy into the top & send it through the Tree of Life structure picking up the vibration-teachings that restructure water when it encounters them & sends it out the bottom points. This acts like a laser & is able to direct energy in a certain way. It is useful in areas that seem to have stuck or slow moving energies & need to be freshened. Also where you desire to direct the movement of the energies to other areas where they are needed.

Why Restructure Water?

Scientists have discovered several things which reinforce what we are doing with this Vibrakey. Firstly, naturally occurring water is termed ‘structured’. It is apparent that water that travels down straight pipes becomes what is known as ‘un-structured’ water.

For your Health

Furthermore, it seems that all diseased cells are surrounded by un-structured water. This Vibrakey has the effect of re-structuring water, restoring it to its natural alive state; a state that supports healthy cells. Secondly it has been proven that structured water has a much lower surface tension, making it more effective at transporting nutrients inwards through the cell wall & toxins & other waste products outwards through the cell wall.

Many ways these designs can be used

Help clear Emotions; it may be soothing & may aid deeper sleep
Clear Sinuses: We had one report it cleared one woman’s sinuses by placing it at the head as she slept.
Amplifies & directs specific energies for healing & clearing like a laser crystal wand.
Creates a refreshingly sweet, full bodied, energized water. This water is delicious; more full bodied & sweeter. Easy to taste with many other benefits.
Raise Consciousness as the design includes patterns that generate crystalline frequencies to assist the body to become more crystalline & hold more light.
Easy for Feng Shui: by clear stagnant places in your environment. Moves & restructures the air by energizing & restructuring the water in it. Seems to energetically purify the feeling in a room.
Since Power Up & WaterAlive Restructure Water they can Energize & Clear: Water features, fountains, or larger bodies of water; ponds, rivers, lakes, oceans. One woman reported by placing the WaterAlive Vibrakey on top of her ailing fish tank, it cleared the disease symptoms & all her fish would hover underneath it no matter where she moved it on the top.
Also Clear & Energize an area, plants, stones, crystals, power objects, objects of art, formulas, supplements, foods, your body.
Restructure your water, love your water, enjoy your water, empower your life for more radiant health & well-being! Help Mother Earth.

Water has Memory

Crystal can receive & retain vibrational patterns, likewise water has memory. When it is mistreated, it de-structures, & too many the molecules cluster together, thus the cells cannot properly absorb it. Cells use water for many of their vital functions.
All Living Things have Water in them & can be Programmed

In Masaru Emoto’s book The Hidden Messages in Water we are shown through photographs of many frozen water crystals, that water is capable of responding to, memorizing, & relaying many types of information such as: music, pictures, spoken or written words, prayers, & thoughts/intentions.

A Long Conversation with Water

The 6 WaterAlive designs gives to water a comprehensive reminder of the many aspects of fully alive water: pure, clear & clean like a high mountain stream. You could say it has a long conversation with your water.

Water Teachings-Tree of Life

These “Water Teachings” hang on the Tree of Life’s sacred geometric structure. Reminding it to be like a free flowing stream, tumbling down a hill, meandering, balanced, sparkling in sunlight. Liquid crystal, permeated with full spectrum light, surging spinning meandering. There are more elements programmed into this design to support us in our ascension process.

For Cleansing

If we are made of so much water, then drinking & bathing in vital alive clean water certainly will affect our internal waters & thus our health & well being. Alive, pure, clean water may cause the body to cleanse & revitalize the cells, thus ridding itself of anything that is negative or out of balance. Himalayan Salt & WaterAlive makes a powerful sole (so-lay) drink.

Treat all your Water Features

If you are using a water feature, you can use the Water Alive to restructure the water, either by placing the card near it, or by charging a crystal on the design overnight & placing it near or in the water. Once a month the crystal should be cleansed & recharged. Any other crystals you are using can be charged on the same design. If you use the card, it never needs recharging.

Design Elements

Symbols used in WaterAlive

Tree of Life: Sacred Geometric structure, same shape as water molecule; see Marcel Vogel’s research.
Sun- Moon-Earth Magnetics: … Water is influenced by the cycles of the sun, moon & the earth’s magnetics.
Language of Light: Cosmic symbols that vibrate to assist us in raising our consciousness.
Water Movements: In nature, water flows in a straight line for only 7 times its width before it meanders like a snake. Water’s natural movement patterns flow, spin, ripple, tumble, surge, pool, rest & overflow. Enlivening it.
Spiral: Spinning both left & right
Platonic solids: Connects us to the basic building blocks of life.
Flame Letters: Link us with Divine Mind, helps with retention of information.
Rainbow: Brings in Metatronic full color spectrum to expand our consciousness & perception range.
Pyramids: Gold, Silver & Copper Frequencies of these elements conduct & each brings its own gift to us.
Imagine our bodies & Earth filled with a beautiful Golden/Silver light of Love with Gratitude flowing from our hearts. Gold/Silver light is the highest vibration in the range of visible light & it will heal & cleanse all the water on earth, be it water of the ocean or that of our own body. It has a frequency that may strengthen & protect us from harmful frequencies.

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