birthing VK53

Cryst-o-Gold Human Birthing

Re-patterns the language of the heart (love) to its original state. Very sweet to be around. Harmonious with Dan Winters’ work, “Sacred Geometry of the Heart.” Helps run all new patterns “through the heart.”

Options & Prices

Giclée Print 8.5"x8.5"$22.00
Giclée Print 13"x13"$44.00
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Features of VK53

Crystalline: crystalline-based bodies vs. carbon-based
DNA: to clear genetic manipulation, distortion
Heart: opening, strengthening, restoring original language
Hypothalamus: brain of the brain, gland associated with golden triangle
Immortality: clear genetic tampering, release distortions, kundalini energize and vitalize, practice ecstasy, turn on more codons, activate Lightbody, Breathe Bliss, Gratitude, Appreciation
Love: ability to remain in a state of love, open hearted
Pineal Gland: awakening, strengthening, regaining full capacities, seat of masculine

Vibrakeys that work with VK53

VK38 Sacred HeartGate The heart space is not just a physical space inside a physical heart. It is physical and energetic. The “Whole Heart" is a vast experience! There is so much to explore inside each of your own hearts.

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