Quan Yin

Theme: Quan Yin

She represents compassion and supports everyone's aspect of the Goddess. Some say she comes from Lemuria.

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2011-06-13 Phase 3: Growing the Cosmic Wave Filter – Visiting Paradise Earth
2011-06-10 Phase 2 – Timeline Jumping – Mixing a New Essence to Create Cosmic Wave Filter
2011-06-08 Cosmic Wave Arriving 18-19-20-21- Magnified Solstice Opportunity – Sophia’s Message – Phase 1

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VK82 Buddha's Eye An energetic connection to home. A portal through which energy and information may be exchanged. It holds and broadcasts a familiar vibration, a frequency held by the Ascended Masters, especially in the Wesak Valley and Shambhala. The Blue Buddha and Quan Yin reach out to us through this energetic bridge to touch us and assist in our awakening to the wholeness, to the fullness of who we truly are. The eGuide descibes five ways to experience the energies available through this Vibrakey.


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