Council of OM

Theme: Council of OM

Council of Higher Light Beings, also known as "Council of Light". Associated with Mount Shasta & the Atlantean OM Master Crystal.

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2010-12-21 Solstice OMM Wave Use These Energies as We ENTER 2011
2010-09-08 Contact Happening Now Belees 9-9 Message 1
2010-09-08 You Create Paradise Earth Serapis Bey 9-9 Message 2
2010-09-06 Plant your Seeds: Message from the Council of OM
2010-08-08 8-8 Lifting Mother Earth
2010-07-31 8-8 Teleconference Adventure Invitation: Lifting the Earth; Special Gift Activation from Council of OM
2010-07-30 Message 3: Council of OM: Lift the Earth; Call to Action!
2010-06-18 Solstice of OM; OM Crystal of Shasta & Gateway of OM

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