VK55 Oneness in Wholeness

Reset & Resynchronize

Saleena Kí: 2009-09-09 11:17:56 AM To all who have had the courage to plunge their higher consciousness and compassionate hearts into the deepest densities and have endured and awakened within and risen out of the density into the lighter higher realms. Welcome HOME! To those who are now awakening... here is a lighted path... here is the way home...not far to go, look inside... the light the codes the portal is there inside you. Start in your heart... follow its urgings... have courage to step out of the trance and enter a world where all do what they love to do, what they are inspired to do and be. Hearts and hands are extended to you all.... join us!

VK55 Oneness in Wholeness

Looking at VK55: Now let’s touch into the Cosmic Re-synchronizer… sending all negative feelings & expression we see & feel: fears, hesitations, pain, those still entranced: into its body, its field for re-setting and re-synchronization to the greater whole... Oneness in Wholeness!

Honoring all those who sacrificed everything to bring this planet back into a time of light and higher crystalline energies and frequencies. Massive courage and determination, alone and together. I am opening my heart & acknowledging all you have done for this earth, for these hu-mans. for all creation. Bless you! I love you! Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of our labors. New energies & ideas are flowing into the earth plane. Reach out, receive them, respond. Life is sweet. Life responds…. Let’s Celebrate & create our world reality fresh & new. Sustainable, respectfully, honoring ALL LIFE.


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